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Changes, The newscaster of CNN American Morning ?

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A "Transparent Man" With Special Phenomenon: Testify, Expatiate & Appeal
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Live in News: the problems of viewpoint base
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Changes, The newscaster of CNN American Morning ?

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Last night (also American EST "Yesterday morning"), the former newscaster ( Melissa Long ) of CNN American Morning Program is back. I had always believed that the newscaster should never changed continually in such famous, well spoken program.

update Apr 27
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The Change, it has been done last Tuesday or Monday.

Originally, I think it is temporary for staff's vacation plans etc. But now, it looks real to be changed. The former newscaster, her name is Solensar Long, I dont remember clearly.

Today I sent a feedback to their program, and give them a internet link of my Blog. The CNN's online feedback is running normal but long article, originally I couldnt send out throught their web-feedback.

Apr 25,2006
Guangzhou China

Saturday, April 22

[Previous] Maybe God can make a answer purely

the Chinese Version, click

Maybe God can make a answer purely

  YOU nose-ing,
  alone while all the fellows be going against
  unforeseen while all the things be going disarray
  prickly while all the words be going war
  So, How could you cope with at this time ?

  dreamlike while all the event be going scenic
  sporadic while all the happenings be going scheming
  intentional while all the experience be going inputs
  So, Which answer could God give me commiseratively ?

  YOU mouth-ing,
  all the applause come from a hand with wire-puller
  all the loftiness come from a benefits with multiformity
  all the success come from a apotheosis with human
  So, How could you cope with at this time ?

  all the acts be going supervised days and days
  all the screen be going spyed minutes and minutes
  all the originality be going stealed seconds and seconds
  So, Which answer could God give me explanatorily ?

  YOU eye-ing,
  all the beauty be going against from ugliness's exists
  all the justice be going upbuilt from depravity's chaos
  all the method be going inherent form nature's randomness
  So, How could you cope with at this time ?

  As all the structures have be going to crash
  As all the systems have be going to breakup
  As all the institutions have be going to misdoubt
  So, Which answer could God give me assuredly ?

  YOU heart-ing,
  all the experience have be going through dry dust flying
  all the knowledge have be going through diffusely air transpiring
  all the wisdom have be going through blind lane extreme
  So, How could you cope with at this time ?

  Maybe ... All The Hopes Would Be Gone Like The Wind
  Maybe ... All The Finales Would Be Done Like The Earth
  Maybe ... All The Efforts Would Be Nothing Like The Smoke
  So ... Maybe ... God can make a answer purely ?

  --- on 1996

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Monday, April 17

Live in News: the problems of viewpoint base

Live in News: the problems of viewpoint base

  Every time having writen off a article, walking along the flourishing street, looking round the NORMAL mediocre people, I always have a little doubt about my thinking and judging. Am I NORMAL ?

  I know clearly that I am a man who is adept in induction subject and holding the key point.

  So, through cogitation, I discover a phenomenon that the Traditional Value Standard with "RIGHT( True or Useful etc )" or "WRONG ( False or Useless etc )", is replaced as a Three-polar Value Standard with "RIGHT", "WRONG" and "NORMAL".

  Let us imagine that how a NORMAL virtual man evaluates himself, evaluate others and evaluate the world etc. Anatomizing his alleged thinking process, you will discover his compositive Three-polar thinking mainly: "RIGHT" and "WRONG" belong to the essence of thing, "NORMAL" is a effect in his head by sensorial environment, and is the decisive factor which is the core of his full value system.
  And that, nowadays being many unclear things without making sure "RIGHT" or "WRONG" easily, "NORMAL" becomes the best choice and has infiltrated into the human subconsciousness and the value system subtly unconsciously.

  To look more closely at the case above-mentioned, we may as well confirm it through Reverse-Logic. Make a test, assumption a virtual NORMAL man with a affirmative opinion of himself, how do you change his judge for himself ? --- Don't forget the premise: as a NORMAL standard man of NORMAL society culture nowadays !
  If you explain the "RIGHT" or "WRONG" to him, I think it is less effect. But if you tell him simply that his wages is far below the market or his colleague works easier and more comfortable than him, I think his judge for himself will be changed, at least inside without surface.
  Same for others.

  People making a choice or making a decision, whether the ultimate judgement of the international significant occurrence or the daily trivial matters, gradually it is done by "NORMAL" which is perceptual and commonsensible, but the classical syllogistic value system.

  This kind of judgement value system is deep-rooted in heart's core having a subliminal effect. Even if someone earnest ponders self-righteous, it is regretable for less study of the classical syllogistic value system and influenced by surrounding environment from childhood.

  In pure theoretics, "RIGHT" and "WRONG" stray from the "NORMAL" as usual ... and "NORMAL" is born of the advancement of modern society. As a "Middle Level" maybe it will grow up more and more, and another two polars will strive for it in many times.

  Day after day, if the value system of human judgement is rooted of this, it is dangerous I think so, absolutely !

Apr 16, 2006
Guangzhou China

Friday, April 14

[Previous] Warning: Rules Shift ...

Warning: Rules Shift ...
---World and Human, View and Worry

Why America win the war, and not win the worldly recognition ?
Why America is a super country nowadays alone, and the soft force of world is downing ?
Why terrorism can grow up from natural humanism, what is its root ? and how to growing and cornning ?

  Success of West World reason from institutions of West World. And this institutions is a Rules System. As the contexture of this system needs every whit and every kind --- bad humanism hypotheses, covenant relationship,the party's appearance and rivalship, public voice opening and the public noetics who root actuality and being idealist also, etc. But all the parts (include mention and un-mention) can not make the whole institutions of West World fully. The key stone is LINK, which connect all the component, and all the info of connecting circulation is real, open and no equivocal. Also mean, the output of every parts --- in the last analysis is the voice of people --- is true.

  But East World is not like this ... I live in and I know it. I will talk about later ... But now pass over first.

  In the other days I read of a article "Terrorist theory of victory", Published on July 24, 2005, Washington Times, The (DC). I read a Chinese translational version, a compendious version. I dont agree the viewpoint of this article --- "Terrorists will fail certainly for its winning way less".

  Thinking me personal, the victory of terrorism is possible. The victorious show is that a ogreish aura will be made in the heart of all, and further a abnormous value cognizing base will be made queasily. It is like a Darkling Rules (Second Rules). With it, a victory or success in normal value cognizing base will never be a victory or success. And a mark like one color or number, other a subconscious negative emotion like a act, a code, a token, etc, can make a person crouch by un-logic ... There is a idiom story of "Point a deer as a horse" of Paleo-China. It is a best excesssive example.

  By the way, America win the war, but winner. Because the cognizing base of World and Human is changed --- my personal viewpoint.

  On the other hand I also do not think the viewpoint --- "Terrorists win by just being there" which that article against --- is right. By normal logic, if the terrorist is being there, and not reach a goal before-mentioned, then its being is not its winning.

  Otherwise there is a mistake of logic with full article. It is out of truth to say "terrorists will fail certainly for controlling country or world", just like to say "someone will fail certainly for controlling universe". With this kind of huge target, anyone will be short of the winning ways. The writer of this article has a mistake of un-relating logic.

  Many troublesome problems will be talk about in the Part 2 later on.

  World is changing, people is changing, and benefit of every one is changing ... In the end of Part 1, I want to say: What you hold in heart, what you hold in hand !


Aug 4, 2005
Haikou China

former the article of the forums

Wednesday, April 12

[Previous] A Person by Oneself

the Chinese Version, click

A Person by Oneself

  On the peak over cloud, A tree by uprightly
  In the sky reached heaven, A star by loftily
  At the earth held flash, A person by oneself

    a rabbit chased by group eagle
    a sheep gazed by herd wolf
    a fellow pointed by agitated crowd

  A person on the peak over cloud by uprightly
  A tree in the sky reached heaven by loftily
  A star at the earth held flash by oneself

    a bear struggles for its life into the trap
    a tiger ply with hounds haplessly in the hurst
    a superman battle against all of hoodlums alone

  A star over cloud on the peak by uprightly
  A person reached heaven in the sky by loftily
  A tree held flash at the earth by oneself

    a lion roaring wrathfully in the forest
    a dragon hovering proudly in the sky
    a trueman living imperishable noble spirit in the heart

  On the peak over cloud, A tree is rocking
  In the sky reached heaven, A star is sparkling
  At the earth held flash, A person is walking, By oneself......

"......if they bring you down, they will come to naught by themselves. In their hands, —— all the wish, all the tomorrow, and all the future will leave away. They will fall apart, in the days without tomorrow, Forever !......"


"tanweekly" is my pen name.

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Tuesday, April 11



this issue: 2 ideas of Computer Industry

1. About "Two Hard Disk Startup": at least on Personal Computer, it is best for Mulriple System or System Maintained and Security (eg. data backup). it will let people make a multiform try helpfully. It is different from the "Multiform Sector Startup".

2. About "The Home Central Computer System": once I do something in the other room. I think it will be better if just put my computer LCD from this room to that room. Because I always watch TV on my computer with CATV in-out. I suddenly get the idea like lightning, multi-LCD, multi-peripheral, even household electric appliances sharing ONE CPU. It is all known that CPU capability is superfluous nowadays on Personal Computer. In the future, maybe "The Home Central Computer System" will be the fashion like "Household Central Air Conditioning".
(to be continued)

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A "Transparent Man" With Special Phenomenon: Testify, Expatiate & Appeal

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Apr 25, 2006

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Apr 24, 2006
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  Office of Science and Technology Policy info@ostp.gov
  whitehouse.gov comments@whitehouse.gov
  U.S. Department of Education faithandcommunity@ed.gov faith.cbo@ed.gov
  HHS Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives CFBCI@hhs.gov
  Health Resources and Services Administration Kimberly.konkel@hhs.gov
  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration mailto:ben.o

Mar 16, 2006

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Monday, April 10

A "Transparent Man" With Special Phenomenon: Testify, Expatiate & Appeal

A "Transparent Man" With Special Phenomenon
--- Testify, Expatiate & Appeal

(To make sure with CNN or VOA program follow-mentioned words, same copy have been post to functionary Department & Office of American Govt and famous news organization. If you have been read, pass over, just read the P.S. in the end. Welcome to my new blog for keeping attention: http://tanweekly.blogspot.com/)

How can you help me if you don't believe me?
--- excerpt from movie "The Sixth Sense" .1999.

Part 1

  "A murmur in a whisper
  likes the voice of ghost with deep-rooted
  keep shady under my body ,
  Is it mine like mine ? ...... It is its like mine !

  "They can see around faces which I see sharing my eyes,
  they can listen around talks which I listen sharing my ears,
  they can know all my acts which I think about sharing my head !"

  "The voice of the Radiobroadcaster which I am hearing
  the face of the TV Newscaster which I am seeing
  link soul to soul telepathically by my Attention
  emotion being perceived from this side to that side, but me
  Because I am a Single-acting Telepathy Man !

  "My house, getting on everyone's nerves for the SILENCE
from the Nothing-Background people can hear a whisper timbre
  which far lower the threshold of Human-hearing, impossible hearing
  ignorant people respond to it with a knock hollow noise,but understanding
  Because this act is the established by usage !"

  Through the 1 & 2 paragraphs before-mentioned, I describe or present my sense of Special Phenomenon personal in artistic words. And in the 3 & 4 paragraphs I depict the external status, which maybe can be testified, so can indirect support my unfair plight in my life because of the "Transparent Man" being.

  The fact is: The Radiobroadcasters or TV Comperes were adjusted always if only I listened or watched. I guess that they maybe dodged or they want to let the other comperes cross-check what they feeling in their program.

  In China, I have listened and watched many station, include CCTV also listened VOA Chinese Station through internet. Now I watch CNN through internet every day. The program is "CNN TODAY" at 7:00 a.m. HK Time (also America EST about 6:00 p.m.).

  I want to be confirmed from other ways. Maybe it is the only way which can confirm I am falling into an abyss of suffering extreme misery. I have ever posted my pertinent data to Function Office of Chinese Govt, but no responses. Because it is well known that Chinese Govt often take a easy way to drag on or slide over with these non-self-assurance matter, even blot out actively and make a smoke to mislead some others as to the fact. They have no confident belief or power being responsible and acceptability.

  I often move home from here over there. Whatever happens, some influences come around me but close about me. Maybe they are afraid of "magic" because of superstition? I am Shanghai born and bred. To me, that city is a "hurt-heart city". I have been to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Hainan etc since 1999. Now I am back to Guangzhou again. Where I am in, where it is blossom like a rising wind and scudding clouds. For example, In 1999 I first arrived Shenzhen, and on that year Shenzhen became a star focus right off. Many events were coming. I remember that Microsoft CEO of the time Bill Gates also got to Shenzhen unusually.... That state of affairs happened like the television program which I was watching.

  In follow-mentioned I will explain in state, and appeal formally.

--What's that?
--That ... is the kind of privacy that Freya enjoyed for nine years in a mental hospital. Hundreds of voices in her head, nonstop, every minute of every day.

Freya's one of a kind. And not just because she was able to overcome that ordeal, but because somehow she's been able to retain the capacity to care about every voice she hears.

I know about the voices, all about 'em. How they changed when they put you in Brookridge, right?
They screamed and mumbled, even laughed at you.
I even know things about you you don't know yourself. Like to hear one? You're not crazy.
Those voices in your head, they're not in your imagination.
They come from outside of you. They're real.
--- excerpt from movie "Thought Crimes" .2003.

Part 2

  There are some words about the Special Phenomenon in my homepage as follows:

--- /// ---
In psychology, the "Low-Threshold Sound" means sound stimulated under hearing hardly. The experiment proved: " the low-threshold stimulating was bringing effect yet even unconsciously... For years the Advertisement Design Experts always believe that the low-threshold stimulating is effectual."

"Extrasensory Perception" means the person can get the perception experience without sensorium, slang word is "The Sixth Sense".

"Telepathy" means the info between two men commune each other without any real-life sensorium or tools.
--- /// --- Excerpt from "Modern Psychology" by Taiwan

  Thinking me personal, the essence of "Transparent Man" is possibly "Single-Acting Telepathy". For unknown reasons the one side sends his info to the other side involuntarily, unconsciously and being "Single-Acting".
(Please visit mypersonal homepage to get more info about it. Click link:http://www.bailingren.com/tanweekly/how_to_do1.htm NOTE: Simple Chinese Version. Later I will translate into English if necessarily.)

  For my current life moving about, from this city to that city, ADSL internet of necessity, making money through Network Game trading with the Game Money or Game Arm, So I usually live in cheap renting room which around many people who live on the edge of society.

  Seeing sensuously, I think they are leisure in fact, not that being busy with life as uniform as had been assumed. I work at home using PC, almost hours by hours a day. I know they are at home and no usual Household Pastime Appliances include PC, TV even Radio etc. Their house is fulled with old wood furniture as much as possible. They should being vacancy because they often make a knock to express a grouchy emotion if they are sulks. This kind of trad villagers' act is enigmatical for a busy man in modern society.

  I spend not less than 6 hours a day on the Network Game, and update my web site everyday. For me the important thing is I must take time to listen radio or watch TV at least 2 hours a day. Of course these station are the best help to me confirming my Special Phenomenon. No help to me, no watching. Someone made a fog replace my reality by purposeful trick beforetime.

"What am I thinking now ?"
"I don't know what you're thinking now."
"I was thinking ... you're nice, but you can't help me."
--- excerpt from movie "The Sixth Sense" .1999.

Part 3

  Is the Special Phenomenon on my body the pure "Telepathy" or the "Remote Energy Influence" ? --- I dont know clearly. But I can make sure that it correlate to "Energy" or "Attention" etc...

  Assume the Special Phenomenon is being ......

  So review this carefully, I think the better general and whole fact is all the director or technician etc feel this be there, and the explanation of pure "Telepathy" is gone by that fact, because I didnt noticed them and conversely they felt.

  I have wrote some words about the explanation with the Radio/TV program changed in my homepage, maybe it only a instance of guessing. Follows is:

--- /// ---
Now I finally get a reason, Why those programs always changed when I listen/watch it ? Maybe, I just say maybe, the country or some other ones want to control the program record which mark on some traces. And these traces are being by nothing, being by absurdity ......
--- /// ---
(Please visit my personal homepage to get more info about it. Click link:
http://www.bailingren.com/kgb.htm#mypoint NOTE: Simple Chinese Version. Later I will translate into English if necessarily.)

  How to explain that phenomenon ? There is no other microphone linked into ... "And these traces are being by nothing, being by absurdity" ... According to the second explanation --- "Remote Energy Influence", if I give my ttention to the universe or intergalactic space, maybe something affected ?

  For my situation and life nowadays --- the Chinese Govt is indifferent to this matter although I have written in my requests. And some influences come around me and use my "Special Phenomenon" of "Transparent Man" to fish in troubled waters for their local, narrow and shallow behoof with low-level. They disregard my "future life" absolute.

  So I try to refer about the immigrant of American here. If my Special Phenomenon of "Transparent Man" is confirmed, can I file an application for "Special Immigrant" or "Special Research Work residence" ?

Thanks for your time to read and reply

Ronggang Tan
April 7,2006 Guangzhou
bailingren@aim.com or tanweekly@walla.com


I have not watched the program of CNN Asia Pacific. Now I watch the program "CNN AMERICAN MORNING" of CNN Pipeline at 9:00 a.m. HKT(also America about 8:00 p.m. EST)

If someone want to donate one and the other register of "Internet Live TV" for confirmation with my Special Phenomenon, because I have no foreign currency to pay at China with personal exchange stopped, I am profoundly grateful.

Now my watching CNN program is the sharing net resource using PP ( Point to Point) technic like BT person-to-person. The surprising thing happened as usual since I watch the CNN TODAY of Asia Pacific Program, I thought as much. Then changes in TV Comperes and launch a new program "EYE ON CHINA". Later I found out that CNN is not only CNN Asia Pacific. So I start to watch CNN Pipeline for getting fresh news. I found that the program "CNN AMERICAN MORNING" is fit in with my interest. But since I watch it, the program changed and the program "EYE ON CHINA" showing inside. I dont know whether it conform to a rule or generalization ?

btw:I have post my preliminary introduction to the "One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge"(http://www.randi.org/research/index.html), which Foundation is committed to providing reliable information about paranormal claims. I am happy to sharing my bonus if anyone has the belief in my Special Phenomenon and help me to win the challenge, lawyer is better.

Thanks again for your time
Ronggang Tan
April 7,2006 Guangzhou
bailingren@aim.com or tanweekly@walla.com

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Sunday, April 9

My New Blog launches ......

This day, this time, this moment ... althought I have a few trouble and cost me many time to learn how do well, I still feel a "thing" inside my heart ... I can't express the "thing" clearly ... not excited, not happy ... it will arrive but be arrived.

Maybe the followed words excerpt from movie "SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION" (1995) extract the feel.

--- So they let you tote that record player down there, huh?
--- It was in here(point head). In here(point heart). That's the beauty of music. They ... can't get that from you. Haven't you ever felt that way about music?
--- Well, I played a mean harmonica as a younger man. Lost inerest in it, though. Didn't make much sense in here.
--- Here's where it makes the most sense. You need it so you don't forget.
--- Forget what?
--- Forget that there are ... places ... in the world that aren't made out of stone. There's something ... inside ... that they can't get to ... that they can't touch. That's yours.
--- What are you talking about?
--- Hope.
--- Hope? Let me tell you something, my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. It's got no use on the inside. You'd better get used to that idea.

--- Whatever mistakes I made, I've paid for them and then some. That hotel, that boat ... I don't think that's too much to ask.
--- You shouldn't be doing this to yourself. This is just shitty pipe dreams. Mexico is way down there and you're in here ... and that's the way it is.
--- Yeah, right. That's the way it is. It's down there and I'm in here. I guess it comes down to a simple choice. Get busy living ... or get busy dying.

--- I find I'm so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel. A free man at the start of a long journey ... whose conclusion is uncertain.
I hope I can make it across the border.
I hope to see my friend and shake his hand.
I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams.
I hope ...


tanweekly, Guangzhou
April 8, 2006