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Unwillingly Share My Plan and Sense

For the "Transparent Man Particularity" I always make a balance in my mind --- a balance between fogyism and gumption, stop thinking and learning more, emptiness and wisdom --- in a word, a balance between chaos and clarity. Those mind stealers are unworthy of the manna of gifts. So most time of past, I just showed my time to "them", not made my life.

So I will go abroad the next step. I want to think freely ... make a life freely ... live in a new land freely, maybe do a special research about my case.

And since Chinese character is made limit to show my full thinking, I will use English. I feel sorry about this, but fact is fact.

A nation no thinking is a nation no future.
--- from tanweekly "Fresh Wind Thought Record" .1994.

Original Chinese :
--- 摘自我的欄目“清風思語”.1994.

I have a clear self-knowledge. I know I can judge everything, whatever law or aesthetics, ethic or rules, economy or polity, even homoerotism or religion, just the everything is a part of social science. I guess I can put the value on it --- seems so, actually I know I have a gift to say a root reason than anyone.
( Perhaps I should do all things of social science, if the National Social Science Fund put the right place, instead of waste on others below me.)

. What did I even do to show my clear-sighted thought .

What did I even do to show my clear-sighted thought ?

1# Perhaps in 2002, I wrote an article "COPYLEFT: a shadow of Pan-thoughts around internet" responding the discussion on 11th Arp of "Southern Weekly". Personal thinking, I gave a decisive ultimate answer, and get the fire off.
(This article was not public. By the way I remember a change in management of the newspaper then been done, felt from the change of page space and want ad by itself.)

i can't remember year clearly, but one day in late April is sure from my web record, follows are Chinese version, no English, maybe translate later:

2# In 1996, I wrote an article "To Discuss the Essence of Management". I pointed "the Essence of Management" is a process in which the system structure is made to arrange and raise for system target, instead of normal definiens, a ill definiens, like Management include plan, organization, control and personnel etc.; and Management sort include Scientific management theory, Acts of management theory, System management theory etc.; and Management art and so on. ( Chinese ) ( Poor translation before )

And I even listed a series of titles about Management then which I want to write later : "To Discuss the Principle of Management", "To Discuss the Method of Management", "To Discuss the Operate of Management", "To Discuss the Evaluation of Management" and "The Best Model of Management in my eyes".

Here I expand some points:
"To Discuss the Essence of Management", OK, done above.
"To Discuss the Principle of Management", is to arrange and raise system structure around the thing or person which has the most potential inside.
"To Discuss the Method of Management", is a design of process for actual use, excluding human's impression. e.g. "ABC Sort Management", "Feedback Multi-experts Judgement Method".
"To Discuss the Operate of Management", like a handbook of minutiae including flexible human's impression. e.g. "Big Home Management", "Inspiriting Management".

Personal thinking, this here I also gave a decisive ultimate answer. And then I have a few chance to find newspaper AD of the high paying "Teaching Management lecture" in mainland of reforming China. And look around now about Management even Economics, the China has its own voice different from the West.

Absolute Bright-Power (Brightness or Powerness), is a nature belong to the Prime of universe which is the most potential inside and never stop developing.
--- from tanweekly "Fresh Wind Thought Record" .1994.

(At that time the old translation I made the "Goodness" to a "Power-Right", together the Power and Right means, seems like "Powerwell".)

Original Chinese :
--- 摘自我的欄目“清風思語”.1994.

3# Before I wrote the Management article above, in 1996 I had written another article "What you consume, What you invest". ( Chinese ) ( Poor translation before )

In this article I gave a new concept "Consume with Investing". From a larger sense it shows clearly that what you consume, what you like to "invest". Consume meal box you do, investing fastfood shop you are; Consume luxury you do, investing extravagancy you are; Consume knowledge you do, investing culture you are. Every result owns its reasons.

But having a look to the real life nowadays, it is deplorable that some guys or some interest groups made the concept "Consume with Investing" wrong place for their wrongful behalf or plan. In this article I also have some words about it --- ... So it is presumable to make "Person demand" and "Society supply" disjointed.

In this article it is also showed filmily the "Pocio-people Premise" instead of "Econ. People Premise" of economics.

All reasons together can't cause one result which you want,
but, all results should have its own reasons.
--- from my poem "Hello, Younger" .1996.

Original Chinese :
--- 摘自我的小詩“年輕,真好”.1996.

. They did it, and do so now .

What is it meaning of my special "Transparent Man Particularity" with deeper insight ? Personal thinking, "They" control my input information, show me what they want me know, cut what they don't.

They did it, and do so now ... show me a trouble topic ... steal my sense ... through every way they controlled ... I think it is a normal mental reactivity when you listen a topic, and you will think it involuntarily, specially to a man who likes thinking.

Last post I talked about a program named "Clang, Clang, Three Talkers", a well-known talker show of Phoenix Chinese TV. During these days I felt the style changed. Original was a hippie, gossip, grievance with short banter or slang even flirting words. e.g.

Once the host read a message of his mobile phone which is "How comfortable the boss is of mainland China ? Look, the girl Friday fuck do everything while boss runs the things, do been fucked while boss out of things." ......
(Original Chinese: "有事秘書干,沒事干秘書")

And now, the style is serious, rationalistic and orthodox. Somedays ago the host showed some behind-the-screen messages in program that the production manager changed ......

Before the Phoenix Chinese TV in my another rent house of Shenzhen, I ever watched stock market live "Trade Day" of finance channel of Shenzhen elevision Station almost every day. And of course it was no long before the program changed, and the rationalistic discussion be more. I remember once they talk about where is the bottom of RMB exchange rate ? and what will be the country economic situation ? and how to deal with ? ......

Here I just show 3 viewpoints of my understanding about stock:

1# I ever wrote some senses on my Chinese Personal Log (Apr 20th 2008), follow is the web link. (Chinese)

Translating in short:
Of the gambling stockmarket, there are only two types of investors, "the prices maker" and "the prices waitor". Retail investors usually are "the prices waitors", price is not live itself, "the prices maker" control the prices .... "the prices maker" have nature right to operate the prices down, based on that they let "the prices waitor" getting a free sail while pushing the prices up; "the prices waitor" have nature risk to uncontrol the prices, based on that they get easy money just of waiting .... it is always the nature of any kinds markets in past and present even future. "the prices maker" get large pie, and "the prices waitor" just a piece .... it is the truth of market, especial to gambling market.
(seems key stone is the "Prices system" or "Market structure", remember the Essence of Management above yet? .... )

2# Maybe many people still remember the Chinese Pu'er Tea of speculating in, an article about Pu'er Tea appeared in China Xinhuanews Net several days ago, title is "Pu'er Tea Price Down 70 percent from last year". (Chinese)

Lots of gambling capital crash into the circulating trade to seize the control point for economic or other reasons.

This kind gambling capital most are the Private Equity Fund in stockmarket originally. They left the stockmarket to the rival. They join the company with real products, they buy or annex other company, they control whole to become a general agent .... In China most events happened in necessities circulation and push terminal price higher.

So if the status keep on, the gambling stockmarket will not have a good show dramatically between the rivals. Maybe the mover want to play a larger game with the original rival of stockmarket.
( hope to give the retail investors a good idea )

3# My embryo theory of stockmarket (specially gambling stockmarket).

the FTF theory, "Fund to Fund" model theory

a. gambling stockmarket
b. no more active retail investors --- nearly "Fund to Fund"
( look Chinese stockmarket now most retail investors are enclosed )
c. no one part annex the whole market, whatever the up-dominated or the down-dominated.

process: (pass over, maybe patch later)

It should be sure that earning money of the down-dominated will be easier than the up-dominated, if all the funds are rational, professional, and no wrong operation, the down-dominated will suck dry the up-dominated.

. a spray of colliding idea for long, free it and will enter a new domain .

Let's take the words back to the "Clang, Clang, Three Talkers" of Phoenix Chinese TV. On July 22th and 23th they talked about serious economic theme with same guest, a famous expert --- Hampyeong Lang (Chinese University of Hong Kong Professor).

I don't agree some viewpoints which Mr. Lang showed in program. e.g.

[1] about "Labor Contract Law" implemented in China recently
Mr. Lang thinks that this law is unadvisable of time. But I think the question is, Government owed the Labors past and how much heart to make the things better ? If having firm decision the way will be found without the need of labors or employers in the puzzledom. --- since the "One country Two Systems" can be created.

Maybe the "Labor Contract Law" implemented is timely. It made a reason of down of the Chinese processing industry, but others. The No. 1 Rule of diplomatism is "Cover up the Intent", from the books.

[2] about "ten dollars of U.S. selling, but one dollar of China owned"
ha, ha .... How pitiable back of the facade is ? how chaos their thought is ? .... I can't believe !!!
Why the Chinese goods must sell to U.S. ?
Why the Chinese goods can't sell ten dollars inland ?
Why the Chinese economists kept this mistake for long ?

Simple arithmetic:
The lowest life price of law in China is RMB500, equal $75.
The lowest life price of law in U.S is $1000 (maybe).
this good Chinese earnd $1, equal 1/75 life cost per month.
this good American earnd $9, equal 9/1000 life cost per month.
So, who earn more from this good cost $10.

And the key question is,
Why the Chinese deal with American since this trade be so unfair ???
( Now the "Labor Contract Law" implemented and RMB exchange rate keep up .... then the Chinese goods can be deal with a higher price ? maybe it should earn the other nine dollars whole ? )

Honestly saying, I often read inland news from my own eyes. Follow is the another:
the program "Read Newspapers Everyday" of the Phoenix Chinese TV, showed a question several days ago. "How to deal with the Western media's negative reports ? "
There are many answers, but I think it is the best constructive that "if we have our own negative reports normally, it will not be a question."

But of back of that case about "ten dollars of U.S. selling, but one dollar of China owned", we can find a spray of colliding idea for long about "manual labor" and "brainwork".

Many years ago, Perhaps early 1990s I watched a program linked live between Oriental Television and a Canadian Television in Shanghai. On screen there is an old woman seems like Canadian clerisy lauded the Chinese goods and Chinese coolies for helping to her and local economy .... She looks enjoy comfortable life, languid movements, I can't see the knowledge pep showed on her face, even I can't feel the knowledge power into her body. She said meekly, seems get a benefit just from mouth .... whatever, I get a feeling of "brainwork" less "manual labor" on her, maybe she was getting than she paying.

About "manual labor" and "brainwork" there is a spray of colliding idea for long, free it and will enter a new domain, or the civilization of human will stop, even back up if "brainwork" lost a future war between them.

I can't find some classic academic works to full answer this question. Perhaps I will work on it when I go abroad, of course looking around relevant western classic academic works is necessary. If I can, I hope it will be keep long welfare for all, maybe 500 years.

Actually many works I will do when I go abroad. e.g.

About aesthetics. In my Chinese web (1993), I have got a simple show between Natural Beauty and Artistic Beauty, and begin to new aesthetic theory from new cornerstone. (Chinese)

About management. above is, if can finish it.

About economics. There are many pieces in my articles, include English and Chinese. Of course I will patch and add it.

About law. I can re-clear up the law by my onw way, re-base on new value judge and normal human nature.

About psychics ......

Maybe the first of the most important thing is to work on the unknown world about "Mind Control".

There is one thing I sure that when I go to the end of my life, I will not feel compunctious. Because I don't owe the world !
--- from Apr 1st this BLOG

In the end of this year, I will come back Shanghai to prepare my passport, if I can't get other legal pass paper in Shenzhen.

Aug 1st, 2008 Shenzhen