Monday, April 17

Live in News: the problems of viewpoint base

Live in News: the problems of viewpoint base

  Every time having writen off a article, walking along the flourishing street, looking round the NORMAL mediocre people, I always have a little doubt about my thinking and judging. Am I NORMAL ?

  I know clearly that I am a man who is adept in induction subject and holding the key point.

  So, through cogitation, I discover a phenomenon that the Traditional Value Standard with "RIGHT( True or Useful etc )" or "WRONG ( False or Useless etc )", is replaced as a Three-polar Value Standard with "RIGHT", "WRONG" and "NORMAL".

  Let us imagine that how a NORMAL virtual man evaluates himself, evaluate others and evaluate the world etc. Anatomizing his alleged thinking process, you will discover his compositive Three-polar thinking mainly: "RIGHT" and "WRONG" belong to the essence of thing, "NORMAL" is a effect in his head by sensorial environment, and is the decisive factor which is the core of his full value system.
  And that, nowadays being many unclear things without making sure "RIGHT" or "WRONG" easily, "NORMAL" becomes the best choice and has infiltrated into the human subconsciousness and the value system subtly unconsciously.

  To look more closely at the case above-mentioned, we may as well confirm it through Reverse-Logic. Make a test, assumption a virtual NORMAL man with a affirmative opinion of himself, how do you change his judge for himself ? --- Don't forget the premise: as a NORMAL standard man of NORMAL society culture nowadays !
  If you explain the "RIGHT" or "WRONG" to him, I think it is less effect. But if you tell him simply that his wages is far below the market or his colleague works easier and more comfortable than him, I think his judge for himself will be changed, at least inside without surface.
  Same for others.

  People making a choice or making a decision, whether the ultimate judgement of the international significant occurrence or the daily trivial matters, gradually it is done by "NORMAL" which is perceptual and commonsensible, but the classical syllogistic value system.

  This kind of judgement value system is deep-rooted in heart's core having a subliminal effect. Even if someone earnest ponders self-righteous, it is regretable for less study of the classical syllogistic value system and influenced by surrounding environment from childhood.

  In pure theoretics, "RIGHT" and "WRONG" stray from the "NORMAL" as usual ... and "NORMAL" is born of the advancement of modern society. As a "Middle Level" maybe it will grow up more and more, and another two polars will strive for it in many times.

  Day after day, if the value system of human judgement is rooted of this, it is dangerous I think so, absolutely !

Apr 16, 2006
Guangzhou China


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