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Warning: Rules Shift ...
---World and Human, View and Worry

Why America win the war, and not win the worldly recognition ?
Why America is a super country nowadays alone, and the soft force of world is downing ?
Why terrorism can grow up from natural humanism, what is its root ? and how to growing and cornning ?

  Success of West World reason from institutions of West World. And this institutions is a Rules System. As the contexture of this system needs every whit and every kind --- bad humanism hypotheses, covenant relationship,the party's appearance and rivalship, public voice opening and the public noetics who root actuality and being idealist also, etc. But all the parts (include mention and un-mention) can not make the whole institutions of West World fully. The key stone is LINK, which connect all the component, and all the info of connecting circulation is real, open and no equivocal. Also mean, the output of every parts --- in the last analysis is the voice of people --- is true.

  But East World is not like this ... I live in and I know it. I will talk about later ... But now pass over first.

  In the other days I read of a article "Terrorist theory of victory", Published on July 24, 2005, Washington Times, The (DC). I read a Chinese translational version, a compendious version. I dont agree the viewpoint of this article --- "Terrorists will fail certainly for its winning way less".

  Thinking me personal, the victory of terrorism is possible. The victorious show is that a ogreish aura will be made in the heart of all, and further a abnormous value cognizing base will be made queasily. It is like a Darkling Rules (Second Rules). With it, a victory or success in normal value cognizing base will never be a victory or success. And a mark like one color or number, other a subconscious negative emotion like a act, a code, a token, etc, can make a person crouch by un-logic ... There is a idiom story of "Point a deer as a horse" of Paleo-China. It is a best excesssive example.

  By the way, America win the war, but winner. Because the cognizing base of World and Human is changed --- my personal viewpoint.

  On the other hand I also do not think the viewpoint --- "Terrorists win by just being there" which that article against --- is right. By normal logic, if the terrorist is being there, and not reach a goal before-mentioned, then its being is not its winning.

  Otherwise there is a mistake of logic with full article. It is out of truth to say "terrorists will fail certainly for controlling country or world", just like to say "someone will fail certainly for controlling universe". With this kind of huge target, anyone will be short of the winning ways. The writer of this article has a mistake of un-relating logic.

  Many troublesome problems will be talk about in the Part 2 later on.

  World is changing, people is changing, and benefit of every one is changing ... In the end of Part 1, I want to say: What you hold in heart, what you hold in hand !


Aug 4, 2005
Haikou China

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maybe "The 4th Wave: Rules Shift" is a good title ... imitating from the best seller "The 3th Wave: Power Shift" many many years ago ...

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