Tuesday, April 11



this issue: 2 ideas of Computer Industry

1. About "Two Hard Disk Startup": at least on Personal Computer, it is best for Mulriple System or System Maintained and Security (eg. data backup). it will let people make a multiform try helpfully. It is different from the "Multiform Sector Startup".

2. About "The Home Central Computer System": once I do something in the other room. I think it will be better if just put my computer LCD from this room to that room. Because I always watch TV on my computer with CATV in-out. I suddenly get the idea like lightning, multi-LCD, multi-peripheral, even household electric appliances sharing ONE CPU. It is all known that CPU capability is superfluous nowadays on Personal Computer. In the future, maybe "The Home Central Computer System" will be the fashion like "Household Central Air Conditioning".
(to be continued)

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