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[Message] I am back

I am back !!!

Ah, it is so busy of the move. For the process of my "special" case in reality slower than virtual net-world, I decide making this BLOG update every two months .... Seems someone says that "Good Is Not Enough In Real Life".

i remember how nervous i was in those days. i thought i was going to lose myself forever. i fought it. my god, how i fought it. and then one day, i just couldn't fight it. anymore, i gave in. i accepted my situation. and you know what ? things have been much better for me since then.
it's a global conspiracy in which agents from the future have taken over the bodies of prominent people from all around the world.

--- from "The 4400"

Telepathy --- someone understand it from metaphysics matter

I remember there is a program named "clang,clang,three talkers", a famous talker show of Phoenix Chinese TV, has played about the preternatural feeling about one month ago.

The guest, an authoress of Taiwan who wrote a book about the preternatural feeling, said that "the preternatural feeling is a root", of her book viewpoint. The summary is, all the wrong spirit arise from the missing root, specially the stirps or pedigree. She guessed that maybe something likes energy can keep the stirps' feeling and up it, so she made a result that if someone can find out his(her) root, the normal feeling which been lost will be back .... seems a metaphysices or religion book, not a science book.

The host showed his opinion and joked it. He said maybe everyone on earth share common subconscious, so we can share one mind.

You know, these kinds viewpoints have been fulled into most people. I even can guess that maybe all the people would be a cell of higher monster. So it is easy to understand "Telepathy", no one feel surprise to left brain knows right brain.

But, even so, people who had the God-given creativity still can find out what the hell it is ? and how it works ? It is known that info pass through in the body by nerve fiber also would take a small time, not a pure real time.

So, I still stand my place. I think it is a wrong way to focus the phenomenon to phenomenon, whatever supernatural or not. The key is --- What is the "medium" of transferring or spreading that kind energy or feeling ?

And here I expand my viewpoint a little small. I think the "medium" is out of all the theories nowadays. So all the machines which based and build on those theories will not show it. Said clearly is, "Tools just make sure the theories, not make value". Maybe for showing this "medium" a new theory must be built, then new machine base on it can do its work.

I remember somedays ago I told these opinion to an old man, who said he is a big man in KMT Republic of China and be closer the Taiwan president. He showed me some photos about this .... anyway he said he want to help me as my English BLOG written before (Apr 1st, 2008).

The meeting date I not remember clearly, but I remember that night I left the business hotel back to my rent house until late, and next morning I get a news on TV about many Taiwan passengers stranded on HongKong airport through the night and got a worse service ....

I don't know which first which last, maybe be related or not, anyway it help me to make my memory easily.

Jun 1st, 2008 Shenzhen


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