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First Time, I Upload My Photo and ....

===== Message Interpolated =====

first time, on Apr 21, i uploaded my photo and a scan copy of passport .... that was my first time.
and this last time, on May 4, i will ask for some helps of other countries (Japan, England etc.) and all of the world .... this will be my last time.

originally i planned to ask for many countries one by one, i ever thought it would be better to publicize all around, but seems it felt slow and show-off, and make a wrong effect of my case or be used by those mind stealer and other designing guys who followed me here and there .... so, this will be the last time.

since the world ignores it, then let us ignore it .... maybe we just want a tranquil and inertia-path life, even not only pin our hopes on banality ourselves, but on banality of those "Mind Attackers" ....

( even if let it goes, but all the governments still owe an answer, about "Mind Read" or "Thought Steal", not be researching in the lab like a "brain probe project" or other "machine to head", it very is "head to head" and over there very real in very normal life. if it is real, of course i think so, then anything about human self will be changed, including societal structure and value, the human history and civilization .... Anything Will Be Nothing ! )

later i will do i have to do with my own ways, going abroad, making money, living seems normal or maybe taking return of my part thought or disclosing something about "Mind Attacker"(return must be) ,,, till the end of my life .... left all the regret to the world and history ....

Apr 27, 2009 Guangzhou

Yesterday I went to Bank of America Plaza, but Bank of America doesn't handle a personal business, so I get a Hang Seng Bank account there.

Beneficiary: TAN RONG GANG
Beneficiary Account: 504-813148
Beneficiary Bank: Hang Seng Bank Guangzhou Branch Liwan Sub-Branch
Beneficiary Bank Address: Shop 18 G/F Bank of America Plaza, 555 Ren Min Zhong Road Liwan, Guangzhou, China

(Hoho, Account Fee: CNY50/equivalent will be changed every month if the average daily total balance falls below CNY50,000/equivalent within a month)

For the future I will let people see what is my special phenomenon, and some matters around me, especially the very important thing is, "So Dark The Conspiracy Of Mind Attacker".

I hope some "benefaction or investment" will interest it, of course you can let it be in control of finance, a step moved, a step sustained.

To Benefaction:
Using it, I will publicize unremittingly, disclosing the con of human nature and those dark rules .... I will try my best to cooperate with the research department .... possibly I will use it to help others same condition as me .... I will research some society models in real life to against those bad guys, since they often use NORMAL taming or threatening to victims who had been Mind Read ( of course it also just be as a cushion against this evil technology ) ....

To Investment:
I will share all benefit with you, but the benefactor will be first. Or through arranging we can find out a way let you quit safely (e.g. let the continuator join in) .... ( pass the branch over )

Anyway I will go abroad first if I had enough money, and get a job to let the normal life continue or keep the touch with all possible government department who interest my case. I think it will be better to parry some disturbing inland, whatever from bad guys or others.

Now I have the 3 months single journey visa of Malaysia. It is still valid. Somedays ago I just used it to visit Hongkong .... so maybe it can be a choice .... if have about US$300 I can buy round-trip ticket (it must be) and stay there one or two days temporarily. It will be immediate, no other delay of leaving affairs.

( what can i do ? just take a look of my old articles here .... simply, i can "watch" TV if you believe telepath from TV-set to TV-station, or many things like i doing now inland even will be more. )

If someone makes some remittance of my first step, please contact me, fax/tel, email or post something in comment here (never deleted). I will make a return as soon as possible, and check account immediately.

Other Things:
1. I had emailed White House again, with the President and Secretary of State appellation, imitating the friendly letter game from The U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou on Apr 5 .... last time I did not make it for my inattention. I guess maybe last time the assistant will let it out .... so mailed again, follows are new guide words:

Dear Mr. President and Madame Secretary:

I feel happy to say far hello with close writing.

I am "Transparent Man", a special man with special case .... coming straight to the point, I write this mail because I think maybe you can give me an added or other help to get an exceptive visa into USA .... if you think it is valuable after reading follow files.

I can't meet the official of The U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou, because of the threshold blocked, I don't have basic files.

Mar 27th I faxed files below to "Immigrant Department"(38844412) and "State Security Department"(38844416) of Consulate General Guangzhou, including a copy of my passport. And on Apr 13th, I faxed again ....

Please, think about it after reading follow files.

( and no more things, i am sorry to be a self-invited guest.)

The end of letter, I want to say, it will still be my glory to touch the greatest people on Earth, whatever success or not about my case.

Give your belief my best regards.

"Transparent Man" Ronggang Tan
Apr 21, 2009 Guangzhou


(similar as "an email to White House [abridgment]" Mar 27, 2009)


2. as the Chinese words in comment 3# of "an email to White House [abridgment]", begin from this time I will post my "subsidiary ledger" of full week consumption weekly. I think it will make my personal finance cleaning and planning.

3. today I upload my photo, a scan copy of my passport ,,, and I joined "Gz Consul" of FaceBook.com, I hope it will be an another change for my case ,,,

(btw: it is known that the passport photo is a big head picture, collating collapsible from the neck and head, you will find "the truth is over there" ,,, and for peacockery reason as others I cost CNY50 to clean and massage my face before taking the photo ,,, especially "let someone has bad looking" is the habitual trick of those foxy villains --- one standard example from NORMAL stress .... and back of these, who has a black hand, to put normal one into rascals, put wise one into barbarians ? .... and let those rascals grow up but normal one, let those barbarians grow up but wise one !)

"Transparent Man" Ronggang Tan
Apr 21, 2009 Guangzhou

Contact me:
fax/tel: 86 20 84459514 (HKT 12:00-24:00)
it is a used fax by Japan (NEC SPEAX23TA).
it can automatic fax, but the guide sound is Japanese.
so don't surprise, just fax as normal.
my rent house address: 广州市海珠区中山大学附近下渡村新区(明康街)13巷1号205室

usually i play the internet once a week at net-bar, so email and others will be later.


Blogger tanweekly said...

more comments before:


Tuesday, April 21, 2009 12:30:00 PM  
Blogger tanweekly said...

my "Consumption Subsidiary Ledger" (CNY)

=== Apr 20, Monday ===

meatball (300g) 7.50
[at a sale below]
wafer chocolate(90g*2) 4.60
cola + table-water 4.70
chocolate (100*4) 9.90
brandy 16.80
chinela 4.90
instant coffee(1.8g*20) 12.80
instant oatmeal (700g) 8.90
crisp biscuits (85g*2) 2.20

subtotal above 72.30 from XX Supermarket

electrical outlet 2.00
lunch 6.00
scan passport 3.00
T shirt 19.00

Hang Seng Bank Account 100.00

rent & owe part last month &
water and electrical fee
(for Hongkong walking) 494.00

total amount a day 707.30

* many goods & service
are full within a month

i got a wrong memory before of my passport useful-life. i even wrote "20 years" in Chinese, but now see the scan copy upload, "10 years" should be the correct, and my id of mainland China is "20 years".

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 12:32:00 PM  
Blogger tanweekly said...

my "Consumption List" (CNY)
(Apr 21 - Apr 26)

=== Apr 21, Tuesday ===

net-bar(about 2 hours) 4.50
street lunch 8.00
vitamin AD 100capsules 2.50
thick noodles dollop
(500g) 3.80
vermicelli dollop(600g)2.60
rock candy (650g) 4.60
rectangle bread 5.20
clothes cleanser(560g) 4.30
5 eggs 2.40
[at a sale below]
milk powder (450g*2) 41.60
toothpaste (200g) 3.90
*total amount a day 83.40

=== Apr 22, Wednesday ===

street lunch 6.00
gingili (220g) 10.50
*total amount a day 16.50

=== Apr 23, Thursday ===

rice (2.5kg) 9.00
palatable bean curd 1.40
greenstuff 0.90
*total amount a day 11.30

=== Apr 24, Friday ===

meatball (150g) 3.50
rectangle bread 5.20
*total amount a day 8.70

=== Apr 25, Saturday ===

palatable bean curd 1.70
greenstuff 1.00
*total amount a day 2.70

=== Apr 26, Sunday ===
greenstuff 1.00
scarfskin medicine 15.30
(about restraining staphylococcus aureus and candida albicans for my infect finger nail)
*total amount a day 16.30

of my Consumption List on Apr 21, i forgot the subway expense into my total amount, the fee is: 4+4+3=11 (from home to Bank of America Plaza, then to Guangzhou Office Tower, CITIC Plaza, then back to home) .... the total amount was correct, this mistake happened in translation.

Monday, April 27, 2009 9:06:00 AM  
Blogger tanweekly said...

Continue Link:


Monday, May 04, 2009 2:32:00 AM  
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