Wednesday, February 28

my new theme

my new theme

Of the complex chaos always around me where chances and challenges coexist, I can't use it better to step up my interest because of my "Transparent Man Particularity", but I think it will better to some graduates making their debut into society if they know how to use it.

So, I launched a new theme of my Chinese web station ( just the other day, which named "Guangzhou fair lady of employment", to free conveys information of SHE applying for a job. I think it will be a good idea to make my paranormal event the focus of attention.

In the preface of my new theme, I wrote that I hope keep in contact both whatever they get the job or not .... And here I hope these fair ladies also can get help if I put their English Resume on this, of course She is very fine who will be put on.

So that's that.

I am too busy, but I still thank you for your time to read, and your help to those fair ladies.

March 1st, 2007