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an email to Japan, England and others


it is over, the 30 days limited have been over before _ June 6 _ my birthday, so I hope ... I wish ... I want to say that let's go to make money. in the bubble money times, maybe there is a fucking pile of money, a mountain of it just waiting for us, and we are gonna eat it.
my old contact ways _ including email and phone _ are blank out.
the new one below:
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mobile phone: 13422305660
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Jun 5, 2009, Guangzhou
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Honorific Mr. President or Mr. Premier:
Honorific Immigrant Official:

Good morning or good afternoon.

This is an email to the chief of country and concerned official.

I am "Transparent Man", a special man with special case .... coming straight to the point, I write this mail because I think maybe you or your country can give me and my case some helps, if you think it is valuable after reading follow files.

I'm sorry to disturb you with this trouble, and thank you very much for your time.

Give the family my warmest regards.

"Transparent Man" Ronggang Tan
May 4, 2009 Guangzhou

============ the document ============

Honorific Mr. President or Mr. Premier:
Honorific Immigrant Official:

Good morning or good afternoon.

I am "Transparent Man", a special man with special case. To understand clearly just visit my homepage. In short, follows are:
"They can see around faces which I see sharing my eyes,
they can listen around talks which I listen sharing my ears,
they can know all my acts which I think about sharing my head! "

my English BLOG on Google:
my Chinese web site:

Frankly, I want to get into your country with special order. Reason ? maybe a good business for you and me, or an action you given for humanitarian reasons, maybe both two.

About Business :

I offer myself, my "Paranormal Phenomenon" and my special case. You give me a exceptive visa into your country (or the other sub-plan below). I guess I am a living one about telepath (especially from TV-set to TV-station), a victim of "Mind Attacker" and other real-life troubles around me because of some secrets in my body. So I can give a living sample myself for research to discover the "Unknown World".

I know it is difficult to find a legal person sample for research , specially in modern civilized society, but I am freewill.

It is a good business, isn't it ?
( I think, the "technology" things belong to technology, anything of policy or assumpsit or society criterion or the public voice even law action including manifesto etc. just be as a cushion against the bad one. )

( the follow articles of my BLOG show my some viewpoints about "Mind Control" and others)
" Mind Control --- Modern Technology or Unknown World ? " (May 1st, 2007)
" Of Humankind, Is The Crisis Coming ? " (Mar 1st, 2008)
" Unwillingly Share My Plan and Sense " (Aug 1st, 2008)
" Who Runs The Market " (Oct 1st, 2008)
" the COMMENT #14 of Who Runs The Market " (Mar 4th, 2009)

* Attention: for my "Transparent Man Particularity", about research maybe less things I know is better. But on the other hand if I know more info I can give my own point. I am very smart.

About Humanitarian Reasons :

Recently, it is showed by many signs that someone want to mislead or distort or remove the "Paranormal Phenomenon" from me, they want to let my case of a "living" proof be covered up .... using lots of tools or ways unhumanly .... unlawfully .... and no agreement of mine ....

I get tinnitus like whistling through my head (sometimes also less hearing or lost audition for the moment ), I get particular gingivitis so I am difficult to eat peanut, ice cream even drink beer (i guess amylomaltose is the key), I get infect finger nail, formerly I got frequent micturition ....
I have less money so can't remedy them, the frequent micturition I felt someone stop using "mind energy" quiver my bladder, then it back to normal.
( I guess "mind energy" is easy to gather the sclerotic cells, some like concretion or tooth or balance cartilage of inner ear etc. )

Lots of causes perhaps:
a. Low frequency sound wave (using transmit electricity circuits or CATV circuits to construct the amplifier of low frequency sound wave, usually in shantytown and 2nd floor high, because sound wave is easy to deplete and be interfered by other sound wave, whatever low frequency or other kinds, it not works on broad place or high-rise. On night the passing bus or using special houdehold appliance can let it works)

b. Noxious or contaminative food, whatever be a personal favor or not.

c. "Mind Energy", maybe a unknown power from a man. It puts the press directly to internal ear which was injured by Low Frequency Sound Wave. The typical case is: it "knocks" the equilibrium feel organ of internal ear, let you feel the body vibrating, but in fact not. In the extreme it was felt like Evil in the body shaking of the movie "The Exorcist" ....
It also can be used on other organs, like heart, kidney or bladder etc.
( in recent days, just during i am writing this email, my heart rate disorganized shows again, especially be lying or sleeping .... and i also used my little sleight against it again: when i have free time or before and after sleeping i used to put a little alarm clock onto my ear, and try let my "mind" into "dida dida" sound, let my feeling into "dida dida" sound, to take good care of my heart and throb onto whole body, to against it which seems by "mind energy" of others, that i "feel" it .... or record "dida" sound as a mp3 copy, maybe it can become a new health industry that to take good care of "throb" onto whole body or single apparatus .... another possible cause about heart rate disorganized, not act on heart directly, let the thorax faster vibrating cover up or be similar to the heartbeat, so with subconscious you will get a wrong feeling about your heartbeat, and realize it.)
--- seems quite a number of big men were died of heart trouble ......

d. "Change human nature in dream". From my eyes, there are many big news showing somethings about that, without any signs, beat all, the heterosexual become homosexuality and the excellent man become pedophilia .... I have many times to "feel" those bad guys doing something in my dream .... Seems I am a man who have a great interest of woman from born nature. So they can't change my personality through subconscious in my dream.
( of these, i have some new knowledge about "dream". maybe write down later.)

e. "Microwave". In the microwave field people can't get a good sleep, the microwave or low frequency vibrating let the main organs keep more metabolism, but the sign of sleep in blood is normal, so you will feel a full sleep surfacely .... body is easy to tire .... and immune system also get a wrong running.
( i know some people in China died of writing out the strength, on Nov 13th, 2006 in my English BLOG I once wrote:
Writing is a arduous work, exerting one's utmost effort, making one's heart out. Of the mainland China before I see, some writers died of doing it out the strength. (e.g. Xiaobo Wang, Haijun Zhu etc) It seemed like a "symptom", an anxiety oppressed-self writing, coming from so-called "other reasons" .... "Others" ? anyway, what made their "oppressed-self symptom" ? ....)

f. And the "pressure from condition". For shallow behalf frame some guys gather or strengthen it, whatever be used or not. So it makes me a high mental pressure .... ( especially read my mind to know my action early )

g. Of course the "pabulum" also be included. Look above the list, anyone can imagine my condition. I eat meat once or twice a month (recently better), no other high proteid food .... formerly just a few milk bought, now I pinch and scrape to get more .... and the noxious or contaminative food ....

I am a living proof .... Look how they do by with my body. I think, of China mainland outside will be better than inside for my future life.

Seems humanitarianism has been a demoded thing in the present, but I still let it be the one of my reasons ....
Please, think about it.

The Other Sub-Plan :

Of course, I know clearly how to the real world runs ? how difficult the transaction processing would be ? So, I think maybe let the third party like civilian company etc deal with my case will be better.
e.g. I make a personal journey to a country of East-South Asia, which do not want a surety for Chinese single journey. I can stay there temporarily, confirming my special case or other things, then ......

Now I have the 3 months single journey visa of Malaysia. It is still valid. Some days ago I just used it to visit Hongkong .... so maybe it can be a choice .... if have about CNY2000/USD300/equivalent I can buy round-trip ticket (it must be) and stay there one or two days temporarily. It will be immediate, no other delay of leaving affairs.

I get a oversea bank, Hang Seng Bank account some days ago.
Beneficiary: TAN RONG GANG
Beneficiary Account: 504-813148
Beneficiary Bank: Hang Seng Bank Guangzhou Branch Liwan Sub-Branch
Bank Address: Shop 18 G/F Bank of America Plaza, 555 Ren Min Zhong Road Liwan, Guangzhou, China
( of course you can appoint a country which attached the remittance bill or message me by fax or email )

What meaning or behalf on my case :

1. for research on my case, you will get the benefit of academia and fortune, even the respect from other countries.

2. the kinds of using my "Paranormal Phenomenon" creatively, follows listed are some:
--- a. i can watch TV .... for cautious reason i may watch the satellite transmission TV outside, but local TV.
--- b. i may "test" so-called "ghost house", i don't care it because of so hapless to be a "Transparent Man".
--- c. i also can "make" a house, hotel or area to be "ghostlike" which i stay, and become a eerie travel industry site, a different one from all others.
--- d. maybe i can make a big probability of people lived around me showing "paranormal power", because i can't know clearly what effect on those receiver, so i just make a guess.
--- e. since i am "Transparent Man", many normal or some pivotal people connected me, so give me right or wrong info can get a unlimited spread. (and personal i like info of every sort and kind. i like watch news.)

3. i may make a research of social science, have a look on my BLOG, i am good at this. i guess i can put the value on "everything" --- seems so, actually i know i have a gift to say a root reason than anyone .... (and if possible i can use new language to make a new BLOG on internet, another way to learn a language)

4. about my pure maths problem "T-Man Conjecture" (Mar 1st, 2007 of my BLOG), maybe i can finish or get more on it.

5. using my complex chaos followed me with right way, you, a smart you, have real insight, you should find that it is a chance to dazzle your country or your city.

Originally i planned to ask for many countries one by one, i ever thought it would be better to publicize all around, but seems it felt slow and show-off, and make a wrong effect of my case or be used by those mind stealer and other designing guys who followed me here and there.

Since the world ignores it, then let us ignore it .... maybe we just want a tranquil and inertia-path life, even not only pin our hopes on banality ourselves, but on "banality" of those "Mind Attackers" ....

( even if let it goes, but all the governments still owe an answer, about "Mind Read" or "Thought Steal", not be researching in the lab like a "brain probe project" or other "machine to head", it very is "head to head" and over there very real in very normal life. if it is real, of course i think so, then anything about human self will be changed, including societal structure and value, the human history and civilization .... Anything Will Be Nothing ! )

Now here I write down my words to ask for my exceptive visa. I hope an expectant or formal return.

Thank you very much for reading.

Give the family my warmest regards.

"Transparent Man" Ronggang Tan
finished on May 3, 2009 Guangzhou

Consultable Country List :
1. Japan and England, no problem.
2. It will be better that the import country is developed and get a high research.
3. English countries will be better, but other language also do. I can learn.
4. And the developing countries also fit me, but I can't make sure to be a resident there.

Contact me :
fax/tel: 86 20 84459514 (HKT 12:00-24:00)
it is a used fax by Japan (NEC SPEAX23TA).
it can automatic fax, but the guide sound is Japanese.
so don't surprise, just fax as normal
my rent house address: 广州市海珠区中山大学附近下渡村新区(明康街)13巷1号205室
I will be waiting in 30 days for return, I hope the line will be OK.

usually i play the internet once a week at net-bar, so email and others will be later.


follows are only here:

so, all possibility of the world, outside a man, is over. i have did my best, for my possible future better life, for the case of "Mind Attacker" that let it publicizes as wide as possible and keep the correct direction.

and as i wrote last time on this BLOG: later i will do i have to do with my own ways, going abroad(with slower progress), making money, living seems normal or maybe taking return of my part thought or disclosing something about "Mind Attacker"(return must be) ,,, till the end of my life .... leave all the regret to the world, and history ....