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To Discuss the Essence of Management

  Maybe a lot of people will think of a kind of man, who governs another one haughtily, if the word "Manage" is heard in usually. Of course most of us are not "manager", but "passive managed". With regard to management, even it is thought that: A process for managing is a process for getting dirty money.

  But for the people of special field of study, the management is a knowledge——including to arrange, to organize, to control and so on. It seemed that the value of manager comes from these aspects.

  So, to the end, What is the MANAGEMENT after all?

  Where does the value of manager comes from after all?

  In follow words, I will try to talk about "What the value source of management comes from" —— "the essence of management".

  To suppose there are two corporations which have same outside situation. With the inside situation, the personnel, facilities and factory building are same both completely, however the "Measure" and the "Quality" —— Except "Management". In this, one corporation has a full running manage system, the other is a new corporation with new personnel in a state of disunity. So it's easy to think, they have different market value, and the first is more than the latter clearly. The difference between them can be said the show of management value.

  Let's analyse this model case above-mentioned carefully. We will get a conclusion: Management is to arrange a "structure". Let's make the concept completely: Management is a process, in which the Group Structure is made to arrange and raise for getting target.

  Holding attention, "Structure" is a key stone in this ! In the economy category, the concept of "Create Wealth" includes not only these basic elements: fund, labor, instrument and so on, but also the "Structure" to connected of these elements. Just as the relation with "Time" and "Space" in the concept "Space-time" ——Space is not exist without time, Time being similarly so —— The relation with "Element" and "Structure" is also parallel, interlaced and mixed.

  As the element non-changed, it is called a Part Structure Optimized management. The main purpose is to arrange the best structure system and make the reaction actively from outside stimulus when the limited condition outside confirmed. This is a Condition Confirmed management, a passive management. It usually makes use of "Middle or below level management" in large manage system.

  As the element changed, it is called a Overall System Developed management. The main purpose is to arrange and raise the best structure and get the target efficiently, when the target outside confirmed. This is a Target Confirmed management, a initiative management. It usually makes use of "High-level management" in large manage system.

  (Note: The changed or non-changed element above-mentioned, does point out not only "quantity", but also "quality" mainly. )

  The concrete classification about "Create Wealth" is as followed drawing:
( Omited! Patched while having free time. )

  (to be continued)

written in 1996

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