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the accessory #2 of main article (3)

the accessory #2 of main article (2)
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the accessory #2 of main article (3)

the accessory #2 of main article "Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ?" (3)

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--- About "Fact" and "Economy"

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---About the "Structure" of Economy

Thinking me personal, many problems of society and economy in real life are made from inconsonance between the growth of industrialized (or massive) manufacture and the growth of Economy System Transition. The industrialized large-scale manufacture can make the cost lower, and get more profit only from "quantity", but on the other hand, of a certain extent it also can restrain the research of science and technology, and neglecting the adjusting or growing immediately of native market structure.

Theoretically speaking, the OPTIMAL Economy Model is: of a area or a country all the industry structure can adjust self with "Zero cost" and "Zero delay" for own market demand. So it is the best continuable, no influencing outside, a sociological "environmental conservation" model.

But the realistic problem is: the fixed assets input (fixed capital input), have a Apportionment Cyc and Magrginal Profit Utility. And about the capitalist understandable subjective motive of making the profit maximum, the government nonfeasance of this for believing unduly with the Market Systemizing Self, and so on.

Be short of the kind theory research let the problem become "unpractical".

Example: Of this problem, the Market Systemizing Self has 3 disadvantages at least.

First, causes the cost of Economy System Transition increase. Even in some kind of peculiar circumstance when the target of transition has been seen, but the Market Systemizing Self energy is less, so the Economy System Transition will pause, just only spreading in parallel structure, agglomerating power, waiting for the opportunity. There are large numbers of examples in the history of human society development. Nowadays here if no venture capital intervening, the venture corporation Nature Grow Cost, the whole society cost, will be huge. In turn said, foretime there if venture capital intervening, the technology of powder and oil can be used earlier .... of course the system transition is different from the corporation growth, but they both showed the same thing.

Second, Lose the opportunity, Certainly is not all "Nature Evolution" is getting timing. Specially of the Human System, different of the Nature System, sometimes needs quick, sometimes needs slow. Peculiar circumstance, some chances will be lost forever.

Third, if another congener Economy World being, you let the Economy Systemizing running itself, no influencing and no intervening to let the transition quicker, you will be a later one in the competition. More serious, if you give up the influencing or intervening of your Economy World, and your rival maybe try to influencing or intervening of your Economy World, then the sequel, I guess maybe only God could help you.

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August 21, 2006

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