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the accessory #1 of main article (2)

the accessory #1 of main article "Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? " (2)

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No one can deny that American Democracy "was" the pilot lamp of the World Democracy. But it has became a past. Because of the Commercialization Value becoming more and more and getting up the leading role in each domain, the Leadership position of World Democracy History also become fringe. The American is overfond of "Attack Terrorism" (their own conceit), even than "Planting Democratic" the recent years. Maybe the Historical Necessity it is.

I have an idea at the back of my mind that I read a report several years ago (it seems published in "21cn Economy Report" or "Economy View Weekly" of year 2001 or 2002, not remember clearly). The report depict a process about a dead-criminal was executed in a state of the United States.

In executing scene, a sharp contrast there is ! A crowded commercial clamor, the last words before executing through live broadcast, those words full of "Philosophic" pattern, a larruping execution ground there is !

Probably the writing skills of inland media, after I finished the reading, a involuntary association of ideas about a article of LUXUN (Chinese Nationalism Heated Author of the last century), SAME executing scene, then and there the Chinese crowd scrambled the "Blood" buns just for superstition, these "Bloods" the dead-criminal had own .... these words have selected into the middle school textbook, the teaching comment is: " To present the people's spirit state at that time: dead to reason " .... Now, is the American spirit dead by commercialism ? I dont know.

Several years ago, a saying is from mouth to mouth inland, "A poaching frog will die of the water temperature from low to high" (translate from Chinese). I think it is natural that many things grow or changed will be a subtle influence (on) latently, whatever contrived or not.

Let us come back the article theme, the "Covert Act" ("Covert Politic"), usually means the doing is under the premiss of "each party keeping the NORMAL, no large harm each other". Nowadays high complex society and putting the economical development on first, everyone is afraid of both sinking together. So, from the point of view of the "Covert Act", each country is equal, whatever large nations or smaller ones.

I know, the theory of "Terror Force Balance" always make everyone depressing and frustrating, especially those idealists. But sometimes it is real, so that's how the world is ! --- at least for the "NOWADAY" world.

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July 24, 2006


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