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Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (2)

sometimes I hear my self think ,
why I such laboriously write the articles ?
take easy, enjoy life, everyone want to have it ,

Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (1)

Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (2)

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There is a so-called public "Earthbound Opinion" of judging of my "event", which willfully ignores the premise of the Transparent Man being and my strait state, but launches out the "Earthbound Value": holding on reality, being a everyday people, normal state and such words etc. This kind problem is not merely a simple question about logic thought of cause and effect, but a artifice using of intercourse in real established society. It is easy understood by a man which has general sense and insight.

So if the "intercourse artifice" has been a core of their Value Judgement and Society Act, for you flinging the verbalism with ulterior motives away and for me putting the superorganic logic with Value Judgement down, no longer discusses pure impersonal science and truth, let us just talk about "artifice". Maybe I should specially write a article for it, the headline is: the discussing and advice about "artifice" with "Maximal behoof and least damage". (I think I will write it later, SIGN this)

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So, my real life include looking for work, getting a part-time job and so on etc, is always chaotic and roily uncalled with many matters. At that time I have not known that there is a state of "Transparent Man" in the world. It is unprecedented, no case before and will be none later.

what can I do ?

I remember, once I joined a English training courses of the Area Amployment agency for the unemployed ability improving. Between about 20 classmates, any kinds people are being --- not merely the unemployed --- include the salesman, the top executive of accountant office with foreign contact, even a Chief of a bureau in medical system with his secretary. The teacher, purportedly self contacted with Fudan University and taught the English of the TV station clerk which keep contact yet, is a adult evening school teacher.

(In those days, I have a fuzzy feeling about the contact of telepathy with the TV newscaster. But at that time I always think that if I close the television, the contact also cut off. So, beforetime I did my intimate thing --- e.g. water closet --- always closed the TV frist. Now, what a surprise, the contact of "Transparent Man" would never cut off, even the television is closed.)

At first, the class ambience is natural, students study happily, teacher teach agreeably. And later, a series of event happened, like the kind things before, but beat all that it happened in such a short-term training courses. One day, that top executive of accountant office with foreign contact, a middle age woman which sat in front of me, got to the classroom and said that last midnight outside the windows of her high-rise flat there was a thief speeling and caused her to be scared. It never happened before .... later, some ceiling fan was bad. For the weather of midsummer, the classmates had no choice but to find the seat under the ceiling fan running well .... later, transferred to another school's classroom to study, and there is large continual construction noise outside the windows ....

At last, I completed this course of more than ten times training without any classmateship. What a matter of pity ! It should be known that I am a grad of technical secondary school with "Tax and Accounting", and it is helpful to my employment if I am familiar with that top executive.

As of now I haven't known what the truth was ? From my experience self, people often fall in because of wrong judgement in complex society .... red face, white face; faithful role, deceitful role .... For the person of "Read mind technique" or "Brainwash technique", many man-made event, it is happened by wire-puller aiming at your frame of mind at all.

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June 5, 2006


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