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the accessory #1 of main article (1)

the accessory #1 of main article "Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ?" (1)

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So if the "intercourse artifice" has been a core of their Value Judgement and Society Act, for you flinging the verbalism with ulterior motives away and for me putting the superorganic logic with Value Judgement down, no longer discusses pure impersonal science and truth, let us just talk about "artifice". Maybe I should specially write a article for it, the headline is: the discussing and advice about "artifice" with "Maximal behoof and least damage". (I think I will write it later, SIGN this)

by the way, some words of another motif written as a annotation, click for reading the finished Chinese Version, the English Version will translate soon.
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Viewing the world all-around, I feel the world is becoming "Covert Politic" more and more, and usually using "Dark Power". The other day I saw some news comment of internet forums, one side about Hongkong Democracy Parade, and the other about the "World Wealth Forum" held in a conservative city inland .... one side about Hongkong's Net-people afraid of the Net Intellectual Property managing strictly of government, and the other about a open free "mp3" Net-search of a famous Search Engine inland (it seems that the Operating Headquarters also be in that city) .... and so on. The same compare between the mainland of China and Taiwan, it is known worldwide.

Remarking on it, the whole feel is like a "Artifice", which quoted from main article, "a artifice without superorganic logic of Value Judgement". The Value Balance is aberrant, one side about "Democracy Requested" and the other side about "Business Benefit", which side do you choose ?

At that time I felt some confused after I read forums words. But then, thinking me carefully, I am clear. I found that my thought get into branch road at first, always making one area democracy effort relating with the American Business Benefit or American own opinion. Now I am clear it is wrong. Actually "Democracy" is not a show to others.

There is one sentence said good (meaning, not original): Democracy Regime maybe is not the most perfect regime, but surely is the best and most feasible regime nowadays. I think, Democracy Regime maybe is the best system of partise "coequal", "open", "humanizing" contending and conferring structure being.

I am very sensible of it when I watch Hongkong TV News direct throught Guangdong CATV since the beginning of this year I moved to Guangzhou. Of course I also know that some countries of the world dont need this kind "SYSTEM" at all. Because, for them, maybe the "Benefit Subdivision" is never being at all in their thought --- Your benefit is my benefit, my benefit is your benefit. Well, I'm jiggered ! How can there are things as such, someone confers with himself on SAME benefit ?!

By the way, I have wrote some words about how to look on the society economy and the people's livelihood booming or not, because of the Economy often marking the Polity good or bad ? Of course it is nature, but it is not all .... Those words published in "Hongkong Discuss Forum", click for reading the finished Chinese Version, the English Version will translate soon.

(translating to be continued)

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July 17, 2006

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