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the accessory #2 of main article (2)

the accessory #2 of main article "Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ?" (2)

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--- About "Fact" and "Economy"

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First let us talk about the "Wealth" of the basal economy words. Someone says, the "Land" is the primary wealth form. Yea, but if you get a gold trade land, and the road repair drag on for years in front of your gold land, just for someone or some govt department frowning on you. So original "gold" price is worth nothing ! And that it might difficult to sell even if give away free, no a real businessman dare to take over .... Same as , others form of "Wealth": money, bank balance, merchandise, realty, and so on. Even include the personal "Strength Asset" and "Mind Asset". All of these can be made to leave the pure economy way.
(Don't made up an excuse of a rank beginner, so that as a reason you don't know those states being ! )

In that posting article mention, about the Hongkong people's "Non-industrious" or "Non-shrewdness", maybe the meaning I wrong understand, I feel the article meaning different from my former impression coming from others, in which gossip or stories the vagrants who went from rags to riches almost are the Hongkong or Guangdong people. And now many tycoons from inland make a sizable investment abroad, using their power to blow hot and cold, but it is well-known by clear-eyed man that no compare between the two ......

Nevertheless it is a strange "FACT" that of late years the Hongkong people less managed inland of such a "Institution State". What does that show ? Which side is wrong, the "Institution" which out of those people or those "People" which out of the "Institution" ?

And, of the other days I watch the news about Hongkong Airport Bureau on ATV Home Channel. To managing the discord between Taxi and Minibus is like twists and turns: today the Taxi Behalf Group parade and appeal, the next day the Minibus Behalf Group parade and appeal. Hongkong Airport Bureau is in trouble both side ....

Absolutely this kind of case had not been happened inland. For the inland department it is inconceivable, because from their eyes those areas is their rights and interests, and it is not illegal to decide themself. So the white what they said is white, the black what they said is black. How the trouble might being ? ....

So, I gradually understand what the 500,000 Hongkong Citizens parade and appeal for ? They appeal for "THIS", maybe the form show is different.

(translating to be continued)

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August 7, 2006


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