Monday, July 10

Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (Finality)

I believe comics are our last link to an ancient way of passing on history. The Egyptians drew on the walls. Countries all over the world still pass on knowledge through pictorial forms. I believe comics are a form of history that someone somewhere felt or experienced. Then, of course, those experiences and that history got chewed up in the commercial machine, got jazzed up, made titillating, cartooned for the sale rack.
--- excerpt from movie "Unbreakable" .2000.

Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (1)
Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (2)
Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (3)
Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (4)

Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (Finality)

(Front continues)
By the way, about those "real-life matters" connect as an adjunct or associated condition or part with intentionally or unintentionally, sometimes which becoming a huge dominating --- from this channel to that channel I seen, from this area to that area I arrived --- it is a confused problem of me. According to the full possibility of logic, there are only two possibilities in this: [1] done by Government Will [2] Of a period the Government also controlled or indirect influenced by "Murmur Whisper". Of course, if no "direct" and "effectual" evidence, pass it first ....

.... Years ago I saw a American science fiction film. I cant remember the name clearly, it seems "Replaced President"(retranslate from Chinese Version). The story is about in time to come the American President replace as ET from outer space and the cycle of comic events happen. Of course in real life it is hardly happened, much less the "Comedy Effect" showed ....

.... and in many popular best sellers there are some depictions about International Terrorism. Usually a Terrorist Group use some big or small scandal of governments to extort or exert influence. Some scandals is very sharp, the book's slang represents in bad taste like this (forget original text, just meaning): "...even can let the American Goddess of Liberty take off skirts for you ..." (because of the trope exaggerating, have the impression very much till now ... feel deeply ashamed for it) ....

It is seen that the International Terrorist Group is unscrupulous for their intention. So it is possible in the real life that the governments held or affected by those "Black Hand". Specially, through the telepathy and send mumble Ancient Method of the "Murmur Whisper", it is easy to sniff out the government's scandals if that government dont accord as the words they swore.

The other day I wrote the follow text in my Chinese personal website: even if nowadays there is nothing the scientists can do, it will be better let the people know the real fact, and prevent themselfs or wait patiently .... generation and generation, because death comes to everyone, same as those "Murmur Whisper"s .... the key link is the "hotbed", short of those "hotbed" the new generation will live in a more humane environment.

Let the "hotbed" away, it is my whole thing to do, althought I know maybe I cant get ahold of them personally .... And there is a more emotional word in that text: say a hard word, those men bark up the wrong tree ! Want to brainwash me through magic and Devil technique, NO WAY !! NO DOOR !! And the final will let them keep RUING until forever and no way to REDEEM !!!

--- Let their whole "field" become a ruin, it "is" my HARD WORD. Maybe their founder also censures his posterity, how to so rotten luck to choose me ? Otherwise, maybe the "Murmur Whisper" will go down to forever, although the undercurrent it will be all ages ....
I hope I am the last victim.

The truth is being around the whole universe, everywhere and everytime. As some saying goes: "Heaven is the entrance to hell" , "The natural antidote is always around the poisonous plant" , same as here I think. then how to explain a man who has been around by the Satan ?

("Tan", my last name, superstition) :)~~~

(Finished main text, some English accessory will translate soon)

the Finished Chinese Version, click

July 10, 2006


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