Monday, May 29

Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (1)

the Real Menace --- about Double Part Cultures (1)
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Is it time for revealing the truth, perhaps ?
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[Chinese] Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ?
Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ? (1)

sometimes I hear my self think ,
why I such laboriously write the articles ?
take easy, enjoy life, everyone want to have it ,

Be a Transparent Man, What can I do ? What should I do ?

In an eventful world nowadays, it is strait to be a "Transparent Man". Especially many people have a tacit understanding with this kind thing, and still lie with it because of [1] fear of turning aside from a life norm, [2] wrong judgement with the key stone of "Transparent Man Event" for wrapping multi-events someone made intentionally and ulteriorly, [3] using this kind Special Phenomenon for their purpose, [4] etc. They make a Big societal delusion, bring the morality value down and the value system chaotic.

Further more,

Thinking me personal of my feeling, there is a undercurrent being long time, latent and real-life, which was slid over intentionally with this kind "Transparent Man Event" in whole human history. (Maybe it does always so of whole world)

In the today, country hierarchs which well know the Societal Commonalty Psychology, can control the trends of social psychology through the media controlled by them. Example: the WAR or the news about it can relax latent ANXIETIES of the society from long time the dull routine life accumulating. So sometimes a "brush fire" war news, whether true or false, can achieve the anticipated purpose like giving the immunity injection.

Same as, when country hierarchs perceive the Societal Commonalty Psychology symptom of a "wrong" trend, they often make a focus news factitiously to shift the societal focus.

Perhaps there is a hidden fact the hierarchs dont want to let the people know back the "Transparent Man Event" seemingly.

Nowadays, the NEWS is not only a "need" of people, but also a "structure" of society which was reorganized and rebuild for running normally.

Be a Transparent Man, take in everything inside and outside body, privacy is nothing. Anyone who touched with me will be nothing of privacy about the thing's info, data etc between us. By these secret info someone can foray in and mix in without anybody knowing it, include business competitors or the third part with malicious intent, because of the "Transparent Man".

I know, it is better to me to look for employment true-life but trade game virtual-net. But in the life of mine truly, who takes on me unawares will be harmed, and who does still dare to take on me if he knows about all the special phenomenon ?

(translating to be continued)

the Finished Chinese Version, click

May 29, 2006


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