Monday, May 1

the Real Menace --- about Double Part Cultures (1)

the Real Menace
--- about Double Part Cultures (1)

I have here a list of names of identified
mutants living right here in the United States.
A girl in Illinois who walks through walls.
What's to stop her from walking into a bank vault?
Or into the White House? Or into their houses?
And there are even rumors of mutants so powerful
that they can enter our minds and control our thoughts,
taking away our God-given free will.
--- excerpt from movie "X Men" .2000.

This is the ultimate scroll
the person who can read the lection out loudly
will receive the power to control the whole world
turn it into paradise or hell.
The Human are still not get ready for this power
and they maybe never ready to get it.
--- excerpt from movie "Bulletproof Monk" .2003.

If the way of Read Minds being, I don't know where the value of intellectual property is based on ? A idea or thought of a scientist, a professor or anyone will be stolen by Read Minds.

I don't know where the rationality of nowaday society structure system is based on ? Maybe, it is the time to make a replacement of Sunshine Lead by Dark Hidden Lead.

Because, apparently if the way of Read Minds being, the show man is READ by others all, and the hidden man reads others. On the pure utility, which win, which lose, it is natural.

The success of modern civilization comes from it which the whole state systems and society institutions root around Sunshine Lead, Maybe later the whole systems and institutions will root around Dark Hidden Lead ? I think it needs a double part cultures, one in public and other in private. Which culture is like this nowadays ?

A key problem is: Would people in today like to live so ? A double part cultures, maybe it will be future really...

(to be continued)

May 1, 2006
Guangzhou China


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