Monday, September 25

about "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files" (3)

Because of the Chinese National Day "October 1st" , having a long vacation, I want to take a rest, so the update stop temporarily till the end of the vacation. Maybe the 3rd week of the October.

Oct 2, 2006

about "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files" (3)

(Front continues)

And there are even rumors of mutants so powerful
that they can enter our minds and control our thoughts,
taking away our God-given FREE will !

--- excerpt from movie "X Men" .2000.

Another 2 recorded mp3 files include "the sound below threshold":

One is the sound effect of "Observer" of a famous Pcgame StarCraft's Protoss, I have a unofficial version disk of the market widely. When let operating focus on this kind arms, it will make a piece of sound effect include "Shanghai Dialect" hidden, showed especially. If you know about this kind dialect, click it download, only 1M size. (This version game disk I have hold now, full size full program. It should not be a joke or a hacker done in my computer)

The other is a popular music of Hongkong Radio 1 (8:20 HKT, Aug 21, 2005), include a expiratory sound as a foil sound into the background. It was listened uncomfortably. I know, according as the artistic creation rule, many works of art are created from the feeling of nature. Especially, less the knowledge of things around, the "Imitating" was the most technique. "Art imitates Nature" (Richard Franck) .... Is this rule suitable to this music ? click it download, only 1M size.

Even some so-called "Suicide Music" before, thinking me personal, maybe were like these above, the more just those added "Sound Below Threshold" toward deep evil or temptation, to make someone who was lower mental, simple or unsophisticated going to extremes, because of then and there the "attention" focused egregiously, the thought narrowed grossly by that "Sound Below Threshold".

A good newsreel is not always a "Correct Viewpoint" film, but must a "True Fact" film. Before I watching this newsreel, I never know that "Tibet Monk" is relating with Hitler during World War II through the Chinese education system or other opened infomation of mainland .... I remember I watched a movie several years ago, named "Bulletproof Monk"(2003). In the beginning of this film, a section of film dialogues makes me impressing deeply:

This is the ultimate scroll
the person who can read the lection out loudly
will receive the power to control the whole world
turn it into paradise or hell.
The Human are still not get ready for this power
and they maybe never ready to get it.

--- excerpt from movie "Bulletproof Monk" .2003.

(to be continued)

Sep 25, 2006


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