Monday, September 11

about "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files" (1)

about "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files" (1)

the excerpted subtitles of this film have been omitted.


By other's experience, wise men correct their own. From the program touched, China has done some involved research. So, is this kind research managed by government ? is this kind research opened their operation and finance ? Nowadays the countries' people talk about the Opened System and the Opened Administration, and for the import or effect of this kind research, it is obvious to be opened. It is about the most Public Benefit !

Don't be late, when somewhere taking about the children immunity injection or on Chinese New Year Train someone of the crowded passengers murmured into his own head by others, then the media controlled by government hard sell the "explanation" through their own "professional".

Of the program about Stalin treated the paranormal, it is the great difference between the early and the later under the regime. It makes me a association that in the 1980s of the China reform and open policy initial period the Qigong or Paranormal-man is fixed eyes on of the time, even the media heap the news on it, that many country's most senior politicians try to let those Paranormal-men to cure or healthcare .... and now directly opposite, the government beating the "Fa Long Gong" is all known.

(btw: about the beating event of "Fa Long Gong", i have a another view in different light)

(to be continued)

Sep 11, 2006


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