Monday, September 18

about "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files" (2)

I stop discussed about "Economy Structure" of the last few weeks. Because it is not my real trouble, it is not my business, let those problems dealt by those high-pay economists or professionals. I has done my bit. My real trouble is the "murmurs", of course the money is also a big trouble to me. I am not a bookworm divorced from real life.
---- So I will focus the "murmurs" later.

about "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files" (2)

(Front continues)

Others, of the program about the person controlled by "murmurs" through into their own head, it makes me to review my state of the strange sound. For getting a Fact Evidence, or at least "lively" to show how those "murmurs" like, I recorded it in the past.

Morning 10:00 HKT, May 13, 2005, I recorded it first. Click it download, only 2M size. That music program is the famous "internet classical music live broadcast", I listen to it through the internet radio set, and I just have a link: This station is a recorded music program, so usually the timbre is pure, no that expiratory sound of above download music file. It was no existing when I started to listen, but later it often happened while I listening.

Attention when you listen, focus the background sound. I feel that "expiratory sound" is like the "murmurs" I heard through into my own head, and I think it will be more alike if you process the sound with "Gaussian Blur" toward the background as doing it in Photoshop Software. It was lower and smaller. This is the one kind of those "murmurs" I felt. They usually look like into or near your head, even under your body, and other people can not know it generally.

The other kind of those "murmurs" I felt, is outside of my body. It is like the children rollick sound far away. Same as, if you process the sound with "Gaussian Blur" toward the background, I think it will be more alike this kind "murmurs" I heard (felt) outside. Thinking me personal, this kind "murmurs" someone who is sensitive can felt. I find out that of the backward area or the conventional rube it is usually seen making the children clamorous to blench or respond, maybe they felt the strange thing of the background, even they think of the strange thing associable with the children sound of another "World" ???

(to be continued)

Sep 18, 2006


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