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Of Humankind, Is The Crisis Coming ?

Of Humankind, Is The Crisis Coming ?

"humankind's God-given creativity" --- New York Times

Humankind's God-given soul, I think so. In Darfur we save lives of bodys, and this here we try to save lives of souls.

"Mind Control" --- usually through the "spirit-power" medium, of the form of "read mind" or "into the mind" etc, to full control a person with body and soul.

Step 1 is soul: because of the psychologic emotion of following masses, less the main consciousness while several other consciousness around into the mind, the victim would not cares of his(her) own free will. RESULT, real lose the self, even no double tongue, being a flunky outside and inside, seems like sell soul to Devil.

Step 2 is body: these nonself consciousness hide into deep mind, whisper copy the meaning while the HOST thinking or saying, want to close to the subconscious even more than the HOST. It is known that the body normal running base on the subconscious, not the conscious control self. RESULT, so closing to the subconscious these nonself consciousness will control the body, even better than the HOST.

EXHORT: Keep free God-given will, keep consciousness self against outside, so you will save yourself. But I think it is difficult in this world now. I dont think a man who will keep free soul if living "just" to an amused life, it is nothing to save here. So doing a significant thing ( include religion or faith etc ) can make you keep up.

Many facts and cases from the folk, from the army, and form international events etc, showed the crisis being, and expanding now.

Look The Folk:
In a gray and non-rational area of China, it is often seen that dissensions dealt by this kind dark way, specially in a group of strange and casual people: ( list phenomena )

#1 disturb someone's emotion or mind, example knock brokenly whole night, just want to sell gas-jar or others.

#2 a eerie man devote his mind to watch a stall-keeper, stand in front, just hint his price lower, when an interest group want to raise the prices.

#3 in China, many lower classes know "Dirty Things" which they cant say out clearly, specially in the South.

#4 in Hannan, it is often seen that two strange guys whatever male or female watched each other no any cloak in vintage Chinese-Tea shop. Maybe a spirit work or training?

#5 now in the folk, "a single woman bring a child" has been a "mark", a magic mark. The eerie thing is not the woman, but the brought boy or girl. Seems this child is a link between this world and unknown world.

#6 in Guangzhou I saw with my eyes self that a little store would not deal anything full day after open the door, the shopman hide into the back room, just because a woman bring a boy sitting in front of his shop full day.

#7 in the lower-class, it is known that a test of "spirit into head" usually happened on trains or coaches, sometimes on big city bus. And the driver also could be a aim.

#8 on Chinese New Year long vacation, there are lots of running workers back to their hometowns through trains. Almost every year there are some people in delirium, usually all heard voice inside head. Newspeak said be fretful by close-packed crowd, and someone would make an attack. I "was" an attacker too on a train of leaving Shanghai on March 31th 2003. I know what happened then and there. I know I was not lost control ......

(I dont know whether these kinds things happened oversea, specially in lower-class)

"When I grow up, I want to become a computer hunter, do a good job, then be employed and work for government"
--- from Chinese teleplay "Daughter-in-law"
( but i think, whatever, be a computer hunter at least better than a mind attacker. )

Look The Army and The International Events:

Nowadays it is not only happened in the lower-class, but also the higher-class, even between the countries.

#1 in China, almost all the battalions in city or town there is a signboard behind or in front of the door guard, which signed "Regarded Guard No Trespass". I know it is not for sightseers because no sightseers. I guess that the officer think it is the only way better than none to against the test of mind control or spirit-power, just do a psychologic effect to those bad guys.

#2 in Haikou Hainan, there was a firehouse on Nanbao Road near my rent house. I often saw some farmers squatted across the way and devoted their minds to watch the guard of firehouse or house door. At first no signboard, then a signboard liked above was put in front of the guard, but farmers still so, and after some days I found the firehouse closed, maybe moved.

#3 some time ago, there is a news about an American soldier slapped a woman on his guard or patrol time .... from my sixth sense, I think it is about spirit-power event, maybe this soldier knew this kind things, maybe close-by someone spirit into his head and let him mistook the woman for it, maybe this soldier had been a spirit-power victim like the train attacker above, even as a test the woman made a voice directly into his head to let him attack her .... whatever, he attack a woman seems for wrong reason.

#4 several years ago, I remember a Europe news about a royal made a boorish deed --- "stool" --- in public place .... back the news, I guess it is about a spirit-power victim, full breakdown of the body and soul for menacing outside.

#5 same period above, I also remmember a France news about the prison life of some former France dignitarise. They were crying and hysterical .... maybe it was the literary exaggeration, or else I guess they full breakdown of another spirit-power victims. From my real-life experience I dont think a dignitary would be that so, whatever be free or not. In their position it is nothing to unexpected faced, except they suddenly realized that "they are not who they are".

#6 in a biggest international event --- "911" event, I also think maybe it is about the mind control or spirit-power of drivers .... Dangerous state has been a long time, for keeping at the test of mind control from those spirit-power men day after day, the underlying victims is full with the every place and every level.

#7 the other days since "911", I remember several news about some drivers of training plane pranged or bumped to the little building .... maybe the government made a clean by stealth.

#8 "What reason would the military have to kidnap one of their own pilots?" --- from "X-Files" S01V02(Deep Throat) --- "The following story is inspired by actual documented accounts", I assume it was base on facts. So, why kidnap their own pilots? Whether or not another clean by stealth? Were these pilots related with outside guys through spirit? .... Whatever did or not, seems the U.S. government neglected the pilots of civil aviation, and the biggest event coming so.

(every news I heard above is the Chinese versions, and I guess it was pushed to my face, maybe for the "Transparent Man" me.)

Here I just want to say, I think "they" have been intervening in our existence for quite some time. I don't know how many governments around the world are in on this, but I do know we are being lied to and the truth is being covered up.


[Forenotice] PART II The Way To Faced ( list abstract )

#1 ignore it, back to normal.
Governments afraid that knowing about the truth would fracture the world more than it already is. Maybe they think public revelation of these will cause an apocalyptic world war. That would be the ultimate irony, wouldn't it?! They secretly save the world running normally only for us to destroy ourselves out of fear, after the fact.
If uncover a truth of this magnitude, about the very nature of human existence, could lead us to destroy ourselves, maybe I'd say we would deserve it, wouldn't?
In other ways, is weightiness of NORMAL the most than all, even in such a state of events?

#2 deal with them, like a businessman or politician.
Of all ages "Compromise" is just applicable with the fixedness of "Main Inbeing", even in serfs society the slaves were still keep their "Main Inbeing" inside. They had their own somethings inside which they owned all by themselves .... When lost soul, how can you say you keep your "Main Inbeing"? .... "Compromise" between groups or countries is same so.

#3 share "them" by stealth for global balance of power , like A-bomb 50 years ago.
...... ...... (be assimilated by Devil)

#4 Maybe it is turning point to try a new society system, a more flexible system, a more effectual system to face this crisis .... remember, because of the predicting act from a form of Mind Control --- Read Mind, NORMAL generally will stand a wrong side in this kind cases. Those wise "predictors" usually use it excellently out of imagination.

#5 together all resources study and research, even stop the NORMAL society or FEAST society development temporarily. I think it is the right time to change the society mode, not just made FEAST the highest priority.

#6 viewpoint of mine
I think it is a wrong way to focus the phenomenon to phenomenon, whatever supernatural or not. The key is --- What is the "medium" of transferring or spreading that kind energy or feeling ? .... Because of real time and limitless space, Based on energy dissipation I think it is over-3-dimension. Maybe it is ......

Feb 29,2008 Shenzhen

(same copy in my site :

about "Transparent Man", about me
they can see around faces which I see sharing my eyes ,
they can listen around talks which I listen sharing my ears ,
they can know all my acts which I think about sharing my head !

about "Mind Control"
search it ( Mind Control ), you will find more.


Blogger tanweekly said...

I remember several news about some drivers of training plane pranged or bumped to the little building, after "911" before long ,,, there is only driver on the plane, so, the driver hijacked himself, did't it ? ,,, it seems like a mock to the hijacking event of "911" which US government affirmed.

Monday, May 04, 2009 2:28:00 AM  
Blogger tanweekly said...

it seems like a "mock" to the hijacking event of "911" which US government affirmed

Monday, May 04, 2009 2:29:00 AM  

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