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"Mind Control" --- modern technology or unknown world ? (3)

" Mind Control "
--- modern technology or unknown world (3) ?

the attached my new idea "2-keys" cellphone
--- from the info of "iphone" recently ( see back half )

(Front continues)

" The covered truth is often being the inverted way of surface current "
--- tanweekly June 30, 2007

Some crumbs I feel that about the current mainstream of "Mind Control", some man-made marks, got chewed up in the commercial machine, got jazzed up, for the several purpose at the back.

A whole point was ignored --- the strange things around outside. I always think "the personal feeling is nothing" if no those real-life, repeatable trouble around outside. But now let us take a look at the present condition, all about the personal feeling showed and published without the causes or effects. Is the cause from man-made ? and Why ?

Of the folk version Devil grows easily from dismal feeling .... maybe it is their want. Look round the world, something show the "dismay" been got warm all over. Who is holding strength and powers to control all "at the back" ?

Unknown World is being there. All is unknown to victims, even controllers too.

"Gang Stalking" --- in the victims' esoteric lexicon --- is a common form of "Mind Control" .... let the victims frustrated over and over in real life, to cause "whisper" lick up the soul easily in the victims' brain. Maybe first "Affair Control" then "Mind Control", and finally became another zombie or deputy.... as, in different way, the controllers like the Devil's Deputy in this real world, thinking me personal.

So on the other hand, it is a "possible" way to show the FACT of "Mind Control". The key question is how to distinguish between "Gang Stalking" and other fortuities. I am sure "Affair Control" is deffrence from the normal everyday things, and it is worse for victims certainly.

"Dismay" --- not only happened on the person, but also the country and so on. In the real world "friction" is all over, "battle into normal" has become everyday things. When a country or area was hit continually by "fortuities" outside, it must be a big problem. Take a look, America is not a "Show-Style" nation, but during 911s I remember US Govt. showed a superb banquet improperly just to raise nation spirit up temporarily .... (more raided embassies and "fortuities" etc. before 911s) ....

Even the most powerful country did, to say nothing of a weak person.

Seems like normal, but still be itself --- "Gang Stalking".

( I have found a "dark rules" spreading over the world for some time --- control one, then to all; control consumer, then to producer; control people, then to country .... I think it is come from hell, and against freedom absolutely, specially the Individual Freedoms. The Democratic System is based upon the personal free will, also the Free Market. No real person, no real Free
Market, and no real democracy. )

Only science can save this world, and unknown world.

What are we looking for?
I don't know, yet. There's really very little literature on this kind of research. There are some good people in the field: Tart, Ornstein and Deikman .... but most of it is radical-hip stuff, drug-culture apologias.

Obviously, the first thing to do is set up some sensible methodology study these experiences under controlled laboratory conditions.

--- excerpt from movie "Altered States" .1980.

(to be continued, update monthly)

"Repeatable" --- the key stone of Science.
Maybe each victim each case. Here take my case as an example ...... ......

"Further" --- kinds of theories or viewpoints
How to enter into the mind of others ? ( from the Chinese Qigong book, "A Answer of the Human Paranormal Files" by Yunlu Ke 1992 ) ...... ......

my new idea "2-keys" cellphone from the info of "iphone" recently

"2-keys" cellphone

Easiest, Suits You --- the third hand links world

The main body is full screen, no normal number code keys. New 2 keys added upon the body top, can press easily through first finger and thumb on the clenching state.

1. Can call without watching the screen, just through the pressed thumb shifting rhythm. ( from the news of "iphone", that did not )
2. Can exchange of the right hand and left easily by software, fitting sinistral individuals.
3. Can control the screen cursor through first finger and thumb. e.g. first finger control horizontal direction, and thumb vertical so.
Double click can show certainty, also both press or delaying display etc do.
4. Have number sound to support the Function #1.
5. All operating way can be changed by software.
6. And others normal multimedia applications.

1. Having great variety of number sound, whatever anyone language or anyone timbre and special sound yourself. 2. Extended press to keep your head away the phone electromagnetic wave: Tip-finger, a new kind device can extend the call click, then you will get a "private call" really, no one can see you the call doing. Call will throught click wall, desk or anywhere without watching the screen, taking the phone body into pocket.
3. ( more hiding in my head chaos, maybe I can sell it raise my life up ).

"The present world is unfair" of the aforementioned words, here is an example:

A "Consumption Theory" there is circulating popularly in Stock or Capital Market, specially in China. When those people who already had many money can't make money (easily) from Stock Market, they often pass on a message to government --- "No money to make, no consumption to raise", it will be negative effect of GDP --- in other words, it will be positive effect of GDP if let them get money (easily) from Stock Market, and without any reasons or projects !?

And some people there is in the world want to do something, include me.

I need money. Now, of my life state it is limited an article monthly. If more the money, I can pay others do the everyday things ( maybe I can raise GDP little up ), then I can write an article weekly. If further more, I think I can full my vigors to the project of "Mind Control", I have my own idea, I have my own research way, I know which field professional maybe can join in, I can judge the result .... and I am good at focusing theme, holding the key stone of problem .... the most important thing is that I am the typical case.

Everyone want to a good quality life, me too. Doing of "oppressed-self symptom", working of poor return, and so on --- those are not my wants.

I will stay away the lies, misleading, tricks, traps .... if want me doing something you want, deal honestly and openly with me.

Jun 30, 2007 Guangzhou

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