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"Mind Control" --- modern technology or unknown world ? (4)


I am in Shenzhen now.

Because of the Chinese New Year Day "February 7th" , having a long vacation, the update stop temporarily till the end of the vacation. Maybe the first day of the March.

Jan 27, 2008


" Mind Control "
--- modern technology or unknown world (4) ?

(Front continues)

4. "Repeatable" --- the key stone of Science. Maybe each victim each case. Here take my case as an example ......

To confirm the "Unknow Things" which hardly show clearly, here I can only list features to show its existing. I think this way almost usually as a "scientific way" --- like "gravitational or electromagnetic field", the features outside define the life inside. I promise that those things are "Repeatable" and "Confirmable", of course no personal feeling.

Year 2003, I started to hear the murmurs inside, like the ghost whisper into my head. From then I knew that I alway be a Transparent Man long ago, even no murmurs before ...... ( presonal feeling passed )

During the battling with it, I swore myself that I would never give up and I would let the secret up to the world, whatever it from power man or power group even form local or other government.

Then the same year I arrived Haikou, the city of the southernmost province Hainan --- the largest island on the earth. There I wrote my experience and viewpoint as a file, "Nowaday Magic Experience --- a recourse of transparent-man", which has been post to The State Council of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Central Television etc.

Specially no full trust of local government, I then contact with the concerned departments of Hongkong and Taiwan ......

And the strange thing I felt happened: (maybe just in my feeling, but it is FACT absolutely)

I found the Taiwan National Health Research Institutes number (02)26513723. At that time I have no home computer, I just wrote down and copied it. I made an international call and faxed it. Mr. Wei, a man in charge answered the phone. He listened my case and suggested me to contact with Professor Li(Lee), an expert on this of Taipei Medical University researching in process, and gave me his office number (02)27339049.
( According as my invoice for telex fax charges of public-operated postoffice then, Day 20030801 faxed to 00886-2-26513723, Day 20030805 faxed to 00886-2-27339049 )

I got in touch with him several times, nobody answered but telephone record. Last time I got it, I felt his state was "anxiety" then, by my sixth sense I think maybe he was also the "target" at that time, TIs like people annoyed by junk mail locustlikely.

( Strange thing happened in a few day, same last name Mr. Wei took up the governor of Hainan .... I am strange again, althought many times ago. Maybe mainland related with Taiwan ? or my phone could not be a real link ? .... Maybe just my wrong feeling. )

I also contacted with The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the concerned department of Medicine. Miss Qu, also the Medicine Professor, answered my call, and late I faxed my file to her. But tomorrow when I called again, an old woman answered the phone in Miss Qu's office, the sound let her like a magic-oldwoman, like a bazaar woman be good at these supernatural ?!
( According as my invoice for telex fax charges of public-operated postoffice then, Day 20030805 faxed to 00852-26671255 )

--- Those tel-numbers were 4 years ago, maybe now changed.

Maybe there is a theory about "the reason of action" --- throught acting result to know the thought or info of the controllers "at the back" .... whatever to those victims include me, all of the aiming way being which some governments or others made, can show their "back cards" --- "They must know something about this", at least more than those TIs(which is short for Targeted Individuals) got jazzed up around internet, I think.

Sum up it which I think they could been known:

1. It is real.
2. It is danger.
3. It has been tested and researched, but no more progress.
4. It is unknown, at least by the science nowadays.
5. Practical game, is to mislead the public voice.

I guess if a man lives long enough, he gets to see everything.
--- excerpt from movie "Wall Street" .1987.

To those victims, I want to say:
If you live wide enough, you will find the truth, then let others believe, by FACTs.

Have been almost 2 years from Hainan to Guangzhou, I will move to Shenzhen in early of next year for my original plan. It was heard that over there the international live English News could be seen just to pay month rent of CATV additionally.

Somedays ago, a little trouble happened to me. Now making money is difficult than before, seems like someone don't want me to Shenzhen .... It is all known that "No Fixed-wealth, No Fixed-holding", sound good also can called "I Am Free" .... So the days later I will try to making and saving money to move, the BLOG update stop temporarily, till I get to Shenzhen.

See you next year.

( to be continued )

"Further" --- kinds of theories or viewpoints
How to enter into the mind of others ? ( from the Chinese Qigong book, "An Answer of the Human Paranormal Files" by Yunlu Ke 1992 ) ...... ......

Jul 31, 2007 Guangzhou

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