Monday, January 1

A turning-point for me, a chance for you

Because of the Chinese New Year Day "February 18" , having a long vacation, I want to be a normal man for a while, a normal man keeping normal things who was made from "Leaven Reinforced Self" by same kind things, in short, passing time full normal things through normal life to wait for the end.

So the update stop temporarily till the end of the vacation. Maybe the first day of the March.

I hope a good New Year Day ......
(Althought the "Murmurs" inside ......)

Feb 1, 2007

A turning-point for me, a chance for you

I am a blunt man and I intend
to speak very frankly to you.
Maybe more frankly than anyone in my
position has ever talked to you before.
--- excerpt from movie "The Godfather Part II" .1974.

A different life, would you want?

--- Hi, Would you mind consider living with a "Transparent Man" as a joint tenant?
--- What a "Transparent Man" ?
To understand clearly just visit my personal homepage. In short, follows are:

"They can see around faces which I see sharing my eyes,
they can listen around talks which I listen sharing my ears,
they can know all my acts which I think about sharing my head! "

For various reasons (or which were just in my mind), anyway the fact is: the complex chaos where chances and challenges coexist is always around me. And I can't use it better to step up my interest because of my "Transparent Man Particularity", instead someone around me done. Specially of my knowing nothing about it in Shanghai more than 10 years, they or their interest groups unexpressed acted around me .... No one saying .... but standing and watching ....
I think the "Transparent Man Particularity" maybe is my born nature, and the "murmurs" should be the another misfortune.

So, my case is such bad. Now I have had a clear eye on my special state. Actually I think I need one or more "Inter-Space" person to help me live in the gray world. If you, a smart you, have real insight, you should find that it is a shortcut of your career. I promises, whenever you can get away without any ravel. You keep the rights to leave at any moment.

Of the complex chaos always around me, I'm absolutely positive that if you closed with me your business circle and life circle will be full of change and variety. I hope you, a sophisticated you, close with luck but the mistake and stay with the biggest fortune, I think It will do you good. Remember, you have the rights to leave at any moment.

You also can contact with the abroad fund about this kind research. You can make a accumulation of your own career by participation my case. I have got a preliminary contact with the "James Randi Education Funds" about the "Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge". Follow are the first link and project link:
I need you help me to contact more funds similar to this.

As a "Inter-Space" person, you manage the exterior business which I don't know any details. So I think it should be a normal private thing like a normal man, whatever who relating with me through my "Transparent Man Particularity".

My only REQUEST is, try to stay away my original city "Shanghai" circle, please. Of course from your big interest way and the clear harm of real life, maybe you will be thrown fatally out of your own mind. So I can't importune you for my rules. But please remember, since I could find you to help me, I also can find another to help me. We are both the market choices.

At last, for selfish reasons of "opposite sex orientation" I hope you are a lady. You also can make a "part-time" form if you don't want to be a joint tenant, just a business partner.

By the way about my personal affairs later, maybe I would go Hongkong first to make a stopover. Because a friend of my dead father resides in there. It was been told about a year ago by original home phone. The tel-number hold a long time is only 7 figures, "6425808". Now Hongkong tel-number has been 8 figures front added "2" all for long time. I have contact with the number but out of touch.

And, frankly speaking this number "6425808" is strange in Chinese pronunciation to my birthday "6.6". I remember the "808" meant "handcuffs" long ago inland of China. Maybe I suspected a joke.
But one thing I can be sure that I will not get any trouble if I go back to check in my passport. That's how things stand in China real life, "sometimes", under the various "Social Suggestion State" a coward will be nothing. Anyway if there is a chance I will go Hongkong, maybe by "Hongkong Free Personal Trip" or others. I still hold that Hongkong address.
I have consulted Guangzhou relevant departments for this, Reply --- if you have a using normal passport, the original residence visa is needless.

Of course I hope your help throughout the whole course. Because my case is too past belief, and an unwitting person who touched me will make a wrong judge to being used by other subtle guys.
(I also hope someone who get to know about that tel-number can give a hand with it. Just pass on the message to him that his old friend's son, whose surname is Tan, is looking for him. Contact way following)

mobile number: 13424120632 (message better)

Want a different life ? Don't be late. Contact me right now ! Whatever as a joint tenant or a business partner.

January 1st, 2007

some more relevant info, please visit the follow pages:

follow key events of old will be translated later.











通过“参于”我的事件,您也可以与国外相关基金进行直接接触,积累您自己的事业资本。我英文BLOG首页上,已有个自己曾初步接触过的James Randi研究基金的百万美元超常现象挑战项目(Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge): 基金首页:







我现在的租屋合约还有1个多月的时间,如有意在下次租屋时合租的,或已有好屋请尽快联系 或广州本地联系:13424120632(最好短信)


January 1st, 2007






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