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about "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files" (7)

about "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files" (7)

I dont believe the ghost at all. Of course, this kind "knocked sound" maybe everyone encounters such things in real life. The follow Chinese forum posting has list it, named "Would you often hear the sound upstairs like the crystal ball fall to the floor ? "

(Front continues)
Althought one opinion of that kind "knocked sound" had been offered in that posting, maybe the architecture materials properties (e.g. expand with heat and contract with cold) makes the sound, but it seems a pretext and non concede with most of people.

Personally, I see it fit to explain if the "Human Paranormal Talent" exist, suppose that, I get 2 Paranormal opinions on it:

#1 Since the precedent about "Move Entities by Paranormal Talent" is being, it is easy to understand about "Move Sound Wave by Paranormal Talent", I think it should be a lower level Paranormal Talent and could be easy to arrive, maybe the reverberant "DungDung" sound is the very aptness to the beginners training.

Perhaps the "knocked sound" heard in your room, is none of this building, but of contiguous building, be spread intentionally or unconsciously by someone from a room of contiguous floor. As a general "rule", because of a fundament "inertia and continuity about the EMBRYO development", the Sound Source is fixed to a so-called "Ghost Room".

Theoretically, this kind "knocked sound" is heard by anyone who live in, and the Sound Source could not shift whatever you here or there in the room.

#2 If the "telepathy" really existed, the others who related with you can sound you through a strange "path", which way to be understood is the scientist's baby.

(Personally see) A simple test can know whether you were related with others in the germinal stages. If you OFTEN feel(hear) a "knocked sound" before sleeping rest, indistinctly and hazily, you could not affirm which place the Sound Source was, like into your head it seems, then I think you were related.

Theoretically, this kind "knocked sound" is only heard by one who was related, and the Sound Source would shift follow you whatever you moving here or there.

Above 2 cases both can mislead others thinking of the "GHOST ROOM" ... anyway, every Paranormal Phenomenon should have a logical and understandable reason. About the so-called "Ghost" and "Human Paranormal Talent", I still more believe the latter. There is no ghost existed, but the more and more unknown world. Somewhere, except the unsure fact, so-called the ghost "making ghost" just is the person "making ghost".

(to be continued)

Dec 1, 2006


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