Monday, November 6

about "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files" (6)

Several days ago, taking my photograph of ID card and looking at it, suddenly I found writing is worthless and meaningless BY SUCH WAY .... A person should be taken care oneself ....
Later this BLOG I will update once a month, at the 1st day of every month. I dont want to pay more vigor on this kind theme, let it others if really someone like me so hapless and tragic, and also can record it in truth fully by writing .... I am so tired ....

Writing is a arduous work, exerting one's utmost effort, making one's heart out. Of the mainland China before I see, many writers died of doing it out the strength. (e.g. Xiaobo Wang, Haijun Zhu etc) It seemed like a "symptom", a anxiety oppressed-self writing, coming from so-called "other reasons" .... "Others" ? anyway, what made their "oppressed-self symptom" ? .... Of course I think a writing man usually is not foolish, but "the society is so intricate, even over someone's self-confidence or feel in general" .... Very lucky, my nature is interesting of this kind thing: the truth of truth, the fact under fact !!! Turn away every danger because of knowing every.

After checking my new ID card, I want to request my passport by the way. Maybe it is easy to travel abroad. In Guangzhou the cheap travel agency extend all over, aha ....
Later I think I'd better do more tangible behoof myself. The NORMAL world is such way, and that's that.
I will go care myself.

Nov 13, 2006


about "The Secret KGB Paranormal Files" (6)

(Front continues)

(in this newsreel) The American found that "telepathy" can be applied through the deep sea without electromagnetic wave, so during the Cold War the American submarine could launch missiles without other's careful observing. (from this newsreel) The US and Former Soviet Union both were distinguishing and training this kind talents of the navy. In this newsreel it was also talked about of China.

THE NAVY and HEAD, this reminds me of the "Knocked Head Case" in Shanghai, which was the countrywide known case about 10 years ago. Maybe some people dont know, that the criminal of that case was a exserviee navy artilleryman, of course I dont known whether was on the submarine.

That man knocked other's head, "only the middle-aged women's head", sneak attack from back by a hammer, and looted the handbag incidentally .... Multi-victim all are the middle-aged women .... this case was widely known from mouth to mouth, making everyone nervous and confused, after a period, finally it was cracked "clearly" under the leadership instruction.

In my memory about this kind strange and special things, there was a case about a excellent schoolmistress of Hongkou Area Shanghai made away with herself, because of the annoying with the "knocked sound" from neighbors around ....

And another case same of the "knocked sound", a taxi driver resting in home was often annoyed by the "knocked sound" from next door. Continuously for a long time hence, it made him neurasthenic, and made him doing a bad work. For these, two households neighbors disputed each other. At last, this case appealed from street administrant up to street police office, finally the policeman found and affirmed that the roof water tank was a real reason, the "knocked sound" was from that tank .... The news report was ended base on the eulogizing of the policeman basic unit work.

Both reports were from the local evening paper.

I dont believe the ghost at all. Of course, this kind "knocked sound" maybe everyone encounters such things in real life. The follow Chinese forum posting has list it, named "Would you often hear the sound upstairs like the crystal ball fall to the floor ? "

the posting too long, so only Chinese version, click it to read (maybe wrong link)
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(to be continued)

Nov 6, 2006


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